XstreamRadio 3.01

Can’t find the music of your choice on Britain’s radio stations or you’d like to quickly scan different stations to hear what’s on? Maybe you’d like to listen to your favorite radio shows or music on your MP3 player. We say: browse to the world and you will surely find your favorite music somewhere! Listen, record and play it anytime, anywhere. Who knows, there might be a station in Japan or Russia that suits your taste like a glove. Music surely doesn’t stop at the shores of this country.

XstreamRadio is a small and convenient desktop radio, which contains over 1.000 international radio stations that are categorized per genre. The release of this 2.5 MB package, with easy recording feature for MP3-playback, has been a hit in the Netherlands since the launch of it in the beginning of last year. Thousands use the radio daily to listen to their favorite music and radio shows. This free software enables you to browse hundreds of station from all over the world with a simple click. Recording music or shows is just as easy.

Download XstreamRadio (www.xstreamradio.co.uk) now and discover the many possibilities of this useful software totally for free. No spy ware, no catches and easy to uninstall.





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