It’s a Scotland , Baby

Scotland is a beautiful country. After looking at these photos you might want to visit it recently

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Papers for Characters

Here’s a campaign for the “Gallery of papers” – limited edition includes 15 papers representing 15 famous movie heroes

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Adventures of a Tiny Cars

Car Toys love to travel in a big world! genuine series made by young swiss photographer Kim Leuenberger

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World Cities Illustrations

Mexican illustrator Aldo Crusher created beautiful color illustrations for Cosmopolite magazine

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Objects Seen Through X-Rays

Photographer David Arky presented “X-Rays portfolio” series. See how laser rays show things through different everyday objects

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Giant Monuments

Have a look at the world famous gigantic monuments Guan Yu Statue. Yuncheng, China, 80 m Mother of the Fatherland. Kiev, Ukraine, 62 m Christ Blessing. Manado, Indonesia, 30 m Grand Byakue. Takazaki, Japan, 42 m Mao Zedong. Changsha, China, 32 m Christ the King. Zwiebodzin, Poland, 36 m Alyosha monument. Murmansk, Russia, 35.5 m […]

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Chicken Bizarre Beauty Photography

Book of photographs entitled ‘Cocks, The Chicken Book’

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Anti Gravity Coffee Time

Photographer Egor N made ​​a series of fun photos called “Anti Gravity Coffee Time” playing with coffee cups, saucers, milk in weightless way, where all liquids are frozen in the air forming very nice movements. This post is created with Image import plugin

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