Ukrainian Beauty or Revival of Ukrainian Fashion.

Ukraine has been known for the beauty of women who inhabit this historic and powerful land. No wonder that so many fashion models are originally from there. But not just Ukrainian successful models impress...

Bineta Sanor ‘s Stunning Head-Wraps.

🔥 Lets Talk Fashion! The other day i was looking for a nice portrait of a black women. Actually i was looking for some models but faced with an innovative fashion idea. In some kind a unique...

15 Fantastic Design Innovations That Still Fascinate Us

Every year brings us thousands of new unique design ideas and innovations for almost all the aspects of our lives. From the new fashion trends to the sophisticated street decorations, not to mention a...

The Winners for 3D-Printed Mars Habitat Design Contest Were Selected by NASA.

Looking forward to read more updates about the people that going to the Red Planet? Hello, i am one of them. So much movies i've seen about this yet not enough explored planet. The...


Vape Insecticide Campaign

Adidas Originals with Cardboard

The British designer and illustrator Chris Anderson responded to the request of the brand The Chimp Store to pay tribute to the most famous models of sneakers

Paintings On The Sand by Andres Amador

landscape designer Andres Amador creates unique paintings on the sand of the beaches with help of only gardening tools

Bilz & Pap RETRO by Oscar Ramos

Stunning retro advertisment illustrations.

Mulhouse Cultural Center

As part of a large redevelopment of neighborhoods in the city of Mulhouse, architect Paul Le Quernec has designed this colorful cultural center.

Wooden Clutch

Tesler + Medelovitch, design duo based in Tel-Aviv, has designed this series of beautiful wooden clutches

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Extraordinary Photo Manipulation by Dariusz Klimczak.

Desolate landscapes, surreal objects, deep philosophy, people draped in dreaminess and a little bit of Dali. All that and much more are an extraordinary...
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