Coolest Trucks Art (read art tuning)

These are pictures of European semi-trucks whose trailers are decorated to look like the sides are missing. The products they are hauling are painted on the sides and back. This one shows Pepsi cases stacked on the ceiling, while the bottom of the trailer is empty. This one is of a giant bottle of beer […]

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Curse, a maker of social networks for multi-player games

Curse, another online company that offers social networking around multi-player online games, has received a $5 million in a first round of venture capital funding. Curse offers gamers the standard social networking features around their games, from image and video uploading, to blogging, social bookmarking, wikis, databases, forums and guild website hosting. The funding, which […]

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Synthasite Launches Web-Based Site Design Tool

Synthasite is a new web-based design tool that enables you and your team to collaboratively work on your website design. Synthasite is currently in limited beta. With South Africa-based Synthasite, you can work with the tools available within its service, which easily arrange text, images, badges and buttons to create a professional-looking site. There are […]

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Why are people going to keep using SMS?

In the U.S., the promise of the future in accessing mobile information via WAP or a rich client application casts a shadow on SMS, better known as text messaging or “texting”. According to conventional wisdom, WAP and downloaded client applications are the holy grails of mobile, with their ability to deliver splashy, colorful landing pages, […]

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The Top 10 Blogs

Engadget: A tech blog with news on the latest gadgets, gizmos and tech news. Rather a lot going on, on the front page, with dozens of outgoing links to other blogs on the Weblogs Inc network. First impression: Cluttered. Boing-Boing: A completely random blog/magazine with no apparent focus on any one thing (nothing wrong with […]

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Yahoo Widgets 4 Launches

Yahoo Widgets 4 is live NOW! In Yahoo’s latest round of widgetry, there will be an improved widget dock that can be attached to any corner of your monitor, and offer a nice view of your widgets and offer easy access for more. Most useful for the consumer is the Flickr desktop widget, where you […]

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