Star Trek Enterprise Ring

Star Wars and Star Trek Diamond Rings by Paul Michael Bierker

Paul Michael Bierker lives in Pittsburgh, PA, United States and does awesome jewelry rings and other jewelry items with a taste and uniqueness. Many items are coming from science fiction popular movies and sagas such as Star Wars and Star Trek. Visit his shop on Etsy to get more points about his masterpieces.

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Classical sculptures dressed as hipsters look contemporary and totally badass

I have just discovered a whole new dimension to classical sculpture. If you dress the sculptures as hipsters it gives them an awesome new look.

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Magic in Illustrations

Illustrations of Nikita Veprikov, young professional 3D modeler. Charming creatures with joy and sadness

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Abandoned Armoured Repair Factory in Kharkov

Abandoned Armoured Repair Plant in Kharkiv. Lots of tanks waiting to die. Iron waste

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Military Tanks From World War 2

Tanks that left from old scary war now available on military festival in Kharkiv, Ukraine. See them here

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Calendar poster of 20th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Estonian) – from Estonia

Nowdays, in Estonia, a calendar with old World War 2 posters from Estonian Nationalists that made support for German Nazis. People are getting crazy in their hate to all Russian. Where we are going ? Source (in Russain)

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Microsoft surprises with upcoming 20 editions of Windows 7

Microsoft is going to release abot 20 editions of Windows 7, fun to select the right one! Guess which one will be most spread around the world ? Boing Boing

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How to Make Money on Craigslist

By: Robert Greco By now you should understand the power behind one the nets most powerful classified ad sites around; Craigslist. It makes no difference; buying or selling or running an online business, craigslist is a must for any netreprenuer looking to make money on craigslist. Before you decide to go out and make money […]

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FAQ: Comcast vs. BitTorrent

Cable TV giant and Internet service provider Comcast Corp. has been accused of blocking — or at least throttling — traffic from subscribers trying to share files through the popular BitTorrent peer-to-peer network. What’s BitTorrent? BitTorrent is a networking protocol that lets users who download client software share (transmit and receive) files from other users. […]

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