For those of you who are new to search engine optimization and have been approach by or have seen ads for ?blog submission software”, be warned, such blog comment spamming software probably will lead to your site being banned by Google and other search engines. A new user at Webmaster World apparently tried a blog comment spamming tool which he bought via Clickbank, and after using the program, his site was banned from Google.

I was within the first 5 results in Google but nowhere in Yahoo. So, for the first time, I decided to use an automated link-building method. It posted about 3,000 blog comments for me. And then, to my horror, I found that GOOGLE HAD BANNED MY SITE! Apparently Google no longer condones automated comment posting on blogs that have enabled it. So STAY AWAY FROM [blog submission software] unless you want to suffer the same fate I did!

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  • Instead of working against bloggers and the online community by contributing to the comment spamming problem with questionable software, work with the community.

  • Hallo. I’ve recently launched my blog. Of course I’ld like to improve its search engine position. What can you advice without usage of bad methods?

  • ya rite but some times its not work yaar. Give me some more info

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