Flashforward 2006 : Program Nearly Finalized

We’re pleased to announce that we have published a near-final schedule for the Flashforward2006 Seattle Conference & Film Festival on our web site. While there may be a couple changes here and there between now and February, we hope you agree that this event will be instrumental to your growth as a Flash? developer or designer.

Here is a complete list of the speakers and topics we’ve confirmed so far; click any item for more details.

Beau Ambur

ActionScript 3 and GPS Data Mapping

Laura Arguello

RIA development with ColdFusion, Flex 2, and CFForms

Aral Balkan

ActionScript Workshop

The Open Source Flash Revolution

Luke Bayes

Test-Driven Development in ActionScript 3.0

Laurie Burruss

Flash 8 for Educators Workshop

Matt Chapman

How and Why Homestar Runner Cartoons Get Made

Mike Chapman

How and Why Homestar Runner Cartoons Get Made

Sandro Corsaro

The Evolution of Flash Animation: Bedrock Revisted

Hillman Curtis

Hillman on Video

John Davey

Build Your First Flash Game

Getting Hooked Up: Flash > MySql

Darren David

Deconstructing Reebok and Timberland Case Studies

Philip Desenne

Pedagogical Use of Flash in Course Web Sites at Harvard University

Julian Dolce

Speed Up Workflow with the JSAPI

Justin Everett-Church

Designing for Flash Lite / Moving to Flash Lite 2.0

Erik Falat

Motion United

Nahuel Foronda

RIA development with ColdFusion, Flex 2, and CFForms

David Gassner

Flex 2 Workshop

April Greiman

Think About What You Think About

Moses Gunesch

Trip the Tween Fantastic: the ZigoEngine + Fuse

Andreas Heim

Deconstructing Nintendogs.com

Flash Game Development

Gabe Kean

Flash on Display

Steve Kilisky

After Effects and Flash

Sho Kuwamoto

Flex 2 for Flash Developers

Larry Lessig

Creative Commons

Kevin Lynch

Adobe/Macromedia Keynote

Jon Meyer

Ajax for ActionScripters

User Experience: meet FlashBlock

Ali Mills

Test-Driven Development in ActionScript 3.0

Nathan Moody

Deconstructing Reebok and Timberland Case Studies

Garrett Nantz

Burning Your Flash Video Retinas

Erik Natzke

The Work of Erik Natzke

Michael Ninness

Photoshop CS2 & Flash 8: Optimizing Pixels and Workflow

Chris Orwig

Building an Interactive Portfolio in Flash

Teaching Flash Website Design/Development

Nigel Pegg

Building Multi-User Applications with Breeze

Bob Regan

Accessible Video with Macromedia Flash

Robert Reinhardt

Flash Video Workshop

David Schroeder

Avoid That Sucking Sound

Rich Shupe

The Ultimate Guide to Flash Runtime Compositing

Grant Skinner

Digital Art and Alternative Interactions

Evan Spiridellis

Cut, Paste, Animate: Collage Animation

Tim Stout

Hoops and Yoyo: Character Development

Craig Swann

Aural Fixation: Dynamic Flash Audio

Let’s Get Physical: Extending the Flash Platform

Jeremy Thorp

Flash in Generative Art and Design

Phil Torrone

The Makers…

Jakob Trollbäck

Moving Design

Drew Trujillo

the evolution of expressiveness: brushes.paints.stencils.

Jonathan Wells

Ten Years of RESFEST

David Wharton

Deconstructing Nintendogs.com

| Free Training Videos for Flashforward Attendees

Flash User Experience Best Practices with Robert Hoekman Jr. was recently published in the lynda.com Online Training Library?. Everyone who registers for Flashforward2006 Seattle receives a complimentary membership to the Online Training Library?, and may view this or any of 160 other training videos for free! Read more…

| Party Locations

VIP Party: Gameworks, 1511 7th Avenue, Seattle

If you purchase a Premium Pass to Flashforward, one of the benefits is to join us, along with speakers, sponsors, and special guests at our VIP Party, Monday, February 27th from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Gameworks (right across the street from the convention center) offers the ideal experience where our VIP attendees will eat, drink, party, and play all kinds of video games, from pinball to virtual reality offerings. This is going to be an amazing gathering of luminaries and kindred spirits, and a great way to kick off the event. Admission to this party is only available through the purchase of a Premium Pass.

Film Festival After-Party: Fox Sports Grill, 1522 6th Avenue, Seattle

Join us from 9:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., as Flashforward attendees, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and staff gathers after the Flashforward Film Festival for a fun night of networking and Flash. Just around the corner from the WA State Convention and Trade Center, (where Flashforward and the Film Festival will be held) is the Fox Sports Grill. Those expecting walls cluttered with sports memorabilia and beer paraphernalia are in for a huge surprise when they walk into this 21st-century sports bar. Cushy couches, soft lighting, fireplaces, a huge waterfall in the middle of the venue and a billiards area give the space a very cool and funky feel. The 32 flat-screen plasma TVs, all usually tuned to football, will be showing Flash and Adobe video reels throughout the evening.

| Audio Interview: Chris Orwig

Recently, Flashforward founder Lynda Weinman interviewed Flashforward speaker Chris Orwig. They discuss Chris? session, Building an Interactive Portfolio in Flash?, talk about Flash 8 and Flashforward in general. At the end, Chris turns the table to interview Lynda. Listen Now…

| More from the Flashforward Blog

The Flashforward Blog will be publishing more frequently as we get ever closer to the Seattle event. If you haven’t visited lately, you might be missing important news about some of the people who will be presenting sessions at Flashforward Seattle. For example, Matt and Mike Chapman from Homestar Runner have released paper playsets. And Grant Skinner has launched an amazing new experimental gallery, but probably doesn’t have an alternative career in

earth-friendly disposables
. This is the kind of news you can’t find anywhere else!

| Many Thanks to our Generous Sponsors and Exhibitors

Platinum Sponsor:


Silver Sponsor:

Bronze Sponsor:

Opening Night Reception:  FILTER/TALENT

Conference Bookstore Sponsor: Peachpit Press

Exhibitors:  Stellar Image, Muskoka Media, Streaming Interactive, MDM MultiDimensional Media, Meta Stories, Sorenson Media

Media Sponsors: Animation Magazine, Creativepro.com and MX Developer’s Journal

Tech Showcase:  Alias, MDM MultiDimensional Media, MetaStories, Sorenson Media, VitalStream, Muskoka Media

| Excited to See You Soon!

We hope you will join us in a new city, as we showcase a new version of Flash?, and share new tips, techniques, and projects. We know you’ll enjoy an exceptional program that feeds your mind, inspires your soul and keeps your creative force in high gear. We look forward to seeing you in February! A lynda.com Production.