ppk on JavaScript (Book review)

ppk on JavaScript, 1/e (VOICES) If you haven’t heard of or visited Peter-Paul Koch’s site QuirksMode, you probably haven’t been doing a whole lot of JavaScripting. On the other hand, if you are a seasoned scripter you probably remember when QuirksMode’s predecessor “The JavaScript Section” was the number one source of JavaScript-related information on the Web.

That intro is meant to emphasise that Peter-Paul Koch, perhaps better known as ppk, knows an awful lot about JavaScript and has helped many scripters find solutions for weird browser incompatibilities through the years. I remember how excited I was when I learned that ppk worked for the same company I did back in 2000 – imagine having all that scripting knowledge within the same company walls (well, it was a multinational Web consultancy, so within the same intranet is more accurate). Now ppk has taken that knowledge and experience and condensed it into a book that explains modern, accessible, and unobtrusive JavaScript.

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