Hitman Blood Money

Written By Alla Levin
May 17, 2008
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Hitman Blood MoneyPart of the Ultimate Collection: more than 170 games for just ?12.95/month – Get ready to make a killing. Hitman, one of the better known and more violent gamer brands. Blood Money is IO’s fourth outing for Agent 47, the bald, barcoded clone. This time around the game is more focused on the stealthy approach, with your success (measured by the Blood Money you make) dependant on the people who’ve seen you make your kills or who’ve recognised your lovable face. In Blood Money you’ve got more choice than ever before on how to make a hit: from the well planned “”accident”” to the up close and personal knifing in the middle of a crowded street. With hits this major you’re definitely going to make a killing.

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