Wednesday, March 22, 2017



Adventures of a Tiny Cars

Car Toys love to travel in a big world! genuine series made by young swiss photographer Kim Leuenberger

Portraits of People Living on a Dollar a Day

Some people live for less than $1 a day

World Cities Illustrations

Mexican illustrator Aldo Crusher created beautiful color illustrations for Cosmopolite magazine

Objects Seen Through X-Rays

Photographer David Arky presented "X-Rays portfolio" series. See how laser rays show things through different everyday objects

Treasures of Bloody Ukrainian Attorney General Victor Pshonka

Journalists visited forbidden palace of former Ukrainian attorney general and discovered lots of gold and masterpieces stolen from Ukrainian Nation

Limited Tattoo Edition of J&B Whisky

Scotch J&B was born in London during the second half of the 19th and this is the same period when tattoos has begun to spread in London

Star Wars and Star Trek Diamond Rings by Paul Michael Bierker

Star Wars and Star Trek Diamond Rings Paul Michael Bierker lives in Pittsburgh, PA, United States and does awesome jewelry rings and other jewelry items...

Photo History – Soviet Posters vs Fascist Germany Posters

Look how similar posters are. Same ideas and same killing dictatorship behind with different ideology

Hilarious Portraits of Up-Side-Down People Walking in Paris

What's right-side-up? What's up-side-down? It's difficult to tell in these playfully bizarre photographs

Incredible Photo Illusions

Look at these images, they make you believe in incredible things, but how they are made? Answers are simple, as always

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