About Internet Vibes

About Internet Vibes

Uniqueness gives you an exceptional ability to change the world for better!

Hello, Friends!

Welcome to Internet Vibes – the Community of Creative and Life Loving People! If you end up here you probably want to know a little bit more about us. Who stands behind of every post on this blog? You are a few moments away from this.

But first, let me ask a few questions about you, ok?

  • Are you a free spirit and do what you love with an incredible passion?
  • Are you enjoying life and always looking for more?
  • Do you have a unique vision of life and proud of this?
  • Is your originality visible for everyone?
  • Do you love to pursue goals and always getting what you want?
  • Are you on the way to find that brilliant idea to make you stand out of the crowd?
  • Do you love to surround yourself with all things unique and not ordinary?
  • Do you love innovations and dreaming about creating something on your own?
  • Do you choose to follow all things creative and unique?

Probably too many questions that lead us to the only one and the general one:

Do you like all things creative and unique?

If you answered “Yes” to one of those questions, you are in a right place. Time to give you everything you are looking for. Unique things of the world

Let me introduce you Internet Vibes!

Internet Vibes is the community of creative and life loving people.
I, as the editor of this blog believe that every person has a unique gift. I know you have your special one and i would like you to take it and start living bright, creative and interesting live sharing it with others doing everything that excites you.

I know how important and great is to surround yourself with amazing and interesting people, decorate your space with unique and creative things, travel to the unusual destinations, expand your hobbies. I even i know how important is just to choose that wonderfully unique outfit to reflect your inner state.

It was just a short list of a few important things for a creative people, obviously, there are much more to add. So, i am going to be brave and will help you out with all that. Do you know why? Because i am just like you are and i do need all that as well 😉

What`s interesting?

I was always been obsessed with arts and unique and amazing things from all over the world. I adore communicating with people, making photographs of people, traveling, watching movies, organizing exhibitions and all things creative.

With an age of the internet, i have got amazing abilities to get everything i need, the important is just to be able to ask proper questions and to be brave enough to stand out of the crown and become who you want to be.

Uniqueness and creativity? If you want to have all things creative you need to be able to find them, buy them and present them. So, what can you find on internetvibes.net

For instance, if you are looking for ideas on:

  • How to decorate your home, here you will find great ideas on how to do that;
  • Looking for unique art photography, illustrations or paintings in traditional techniques – you will find them here;
  • Planning your next travel destinations – i will offer you unique travel destinations;
  • Are you interested in tech innovations to improve your life quality – let’s find out what are those;
  • Looking for unique clothing style to make you stand out of the crowd – oh yeah;

There are so many unique and fascinating things that coming into the life through art and i am so eager to discover them. Are you with me?

I look for the unique, unlike anything else stories about people, illustrations, photographs innovations, fantastic and beautiful things, crafts from all around the world to share them with you. I want people to know about an incredible power of art. I wish to introduce you all the amazing people who found their valuable talents and turned their life into the brightest adventure, sharing their uniqueness with the world.

About me

Alla, Blogger & Editor

I have been living in the world of PR and Marketing about 13 years. I was pursuing art all of my life. Well, I have a few great results to be very proud of. For instance, at age 22 i organized an exhibition for my friend. I created a plan, raised the funds and everything i imagined was brought to the reality. From the ceremony of opening to the after party with a great show in the nightclub. It was a remarkable time for both of us, both of our careers went up high since that time. Since that time i knew i will never stop searching for uniqueness and creativity in everything and it has become my lifestyle.

The next huge event in my life was the 1st International Photographic Biennial with participants from 49 countries worldwide. It was amazing! It was not only my work, at that time was a huge teamwork. I played my role perfectly. Since that time i worked with many well-known brand and artists. I`ve learned a lot on how to make an artist a successful and how to make the art and the uniqueness lover happy. I am going to share my experience with you.

I visited many beautiful countries and recently moved to the United States and live in the beautiful state of Georgia and i have so much to explore and share with you.

I know a lot about the beautiful world of arts and unlimited love to uniqueness.

✉️ Any questions just write an email on internetvibes.news📝gmail.com

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Sincerely yours,

Alla | Editor of Internet Vibes, Art Blogger