About Internet Vibes

About Internet Vibes

Let your Creative Ideas Make You a Successful Artist!

Hello, Friends!

Alla, Art Blogger & Editor

Welcome to Internet Vibes – an Art Blog and the Community of Creative People!

If you end up here you probably want to know a little bit more about us. Who stands behind of every post on this blog? You are a few moments away from this.


But first, let me ask a few questions about you, ok?

  • Are you a creative person who’s heart ones and forever belongs to art?
  • Do you do what you love with an incredible passion, enjoying life but you want more?
  • Do you just step in into the world of art?
  • Are you proud to have the greatest gift of creation in your hands but, you haven’t decided yet on should this gift stay just a passion or should make you a successful artist?
  • Have been in te field of art too long and you need to refresh yourself, to find new ideas on what to do next?
  • Are you a digital or traditional illustrator, a Painter or Photographer and you finally want to go forward and to become a truly successful artist?
  • Do you have a goal or maybe you still on the way to find that brilliant idea to make you stand out?
  • Are you somehow modest or maybe you have some fears and even more you have tons of questions?
  • Have you ever thought about haveing your artworks exhibited not just on just online but in the Gallery?

And the last and the most important question i have to ask you. Do you really want to find your way to becoming a successful and famous artist?

Probably, i have asked you too many questions, sorry! But, if you answered “Yes” even on one of them, you are in a right place. Time to make you famous! But first of all, we need to detect your goal! And them to move forward, to find your inspiration, generate new ideas, learn how to grow your loyal audience, monetize your passion, and stand out becoming a well known and rich artist!

What do you need to get all that?

  • Your passion;
  • Your brilliant skills;
  • A smart device with a camera;
  • The Internet and a little bit of time.

Well, it’s all not going to be so fast, but definitely, will be very funny and involving. Before you start your journey on this blog a few things you should know about yourself:

  • You are amazing!
  • Everything you do it is a valuable treasure: your creative ideas, bright pictures, tremendous illustrations and all your thoughts;
  • Investing your heart and soul into what you do is incredibly fantastic!Be proud to share with the paramount your unique vision taste and sense of the beauty of this great world with others!

Let me introduce you Internet Vibes!

Internet Vibes is an art blog and the community of creative and life loving people.
I, as the editor of this blog believe that every person has a unique gift. I know you have your special one and i would like you to take it and start living bright, creative and interesting live sharing it with others. I want to help you to do so!

I look for the unique, unlike anything else stories, people, and images from all around the world to deliver your unique story to others. I want people to know about incredible artists like you are. People who found their valuable talents and turned their life into the brightest adventure, sharing their uniqueness with others.

Why would you trust me?

I have been living in the world of PR and Marketing about 13 years. I was pursuing art all of my life. Well, I have a few great results to be very proud of. For instance, at age 22 i organized an exhibition for my friend. I created a plan, raised the funds and everything i imagined was brought to the reality. From the ceremony of opening to the after party with a great show in the nightclub. It was a remarkable time for both of us, both of our careers went up high since that time.

The next huge exhibition in my life was the 1st International Photographic Biennial with participants from 49 countries worldwide. It was amazing! It was not only my work, at that time was a huge teamwork. I played my role perfectly. Since that time i worked with many well-known brand and artists. I`ve learned a lot on how to make an artist a successful and I am going to share my experience with you.

Transformation of traditional marketing into the world of the internet have opened plenty of opportunities, so let’s go and get them!

Ceremony of opening of the First International Photographic Biennale
Ceremony of Opening of the First International Photographic Biennale, Rivne, Ukraine

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Sincerely yours,

Alla | Editor of Internet Vibes, Art Blogger