Discover new places and meet different cultures. We are featuring in this category places that are unique and are worth to be seen in your lifetime.

international health insurance plan_Beautiful Places in the World.

Unrealistically Beautiful Places in the World.

Unusual Places of the Planet that You Should See.  What is traveling? Traveling - strange places, beautiful landscapes, ancient cities, exceptional cuisine, outlandish animals, authentic tribes, enchanting sunsets and romantic sunrises, majestic mountains and natural...
5 of the best places near Tokyo for camping

5 of the best places near Tokyo for camping.

5 of the best places near Tokyo for camping. The Japanese are known for the advancements in technology, but they are also very in tune with nature and the outdoors. They love camping and introduce...

5 Beautiful Design Hotels of the World.

Beautiful Design Hotels of the World. There are millions of different hotels around the world. All of them are completely different and unique. Some of the hotels are cozy and modest, while other are luxurious...
best indoor water parks Wisconsin

Extraordinary Indoor Water Parks to Blow Your Mind!

Extraordinary Indoor Water Parks. Constant improvements and innovating ideas in all the fields of a modern life influenced our preferences on spending our vacations. It looks like we have got a perfect opportunity to relax...
scorer table_KOBE BRYANT

The Most Amazing Basketball Courts in the World.

The Most Amazing Basketball Courts in the World. Basketball was invented in the US by a man who was looking for the best way to train the athletes in the winter time. This man was...
Abandoned house in the prairies of Howard, South Dakota, United States.

The Magic of Ghost Houses.

Ghost houses: abandoned places and their magic. Ghost houses - are homes that were abandoned by its previous owners. Each of them has its own unfortunate and heartbroken story: illnesses, death, accidents. The story of...
abandoned_ships_at_sea (8)

Abandoned Ships at Sea to See with Your Own Eyes!

What happens to abandoned ships at the see? Have you ever seen an abandoned ship at sea with your own eyes? I have! During my vacation in Egypt, in the glorious tourist destination Sharm El...
Wang-Jianlin-richest-people-of -China-2

Chinese Hollywood or One Billionaire’s Dream

Chinese Hollywood I have always been fascinated by China and I always keep my eye open on what is going on there. Media report about the fact that China was going to build its own Hollywood couple...

Paintings On The Sand by Andres Amador.

landscape designer Andres Amador creates unique paintings on the sand of the beaches with help of only gardening tools

Mulhouse Cultural Center.

As part of a large redevelopment of neighborhoods in the city of Mulhouse, architect Paul Le Quernec has designed this colorful cultural center.

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