Airbus A-380 Interior Photos

airbus a-380 interior design
interrior a-380 airbus interrior luxury airbus a-380
a-380 inside

airplane interior design

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bed on the airplane comfortable seats airline passengers passengers ????? ???????? airbus a-380 pilot singapore airline food

Photo: Johnny Green / AP
Photo: Airbus
Photo: Harald Schmitt; Ulrich Perrey / DPA; Pascal Parrot / Getty Images; Lionel Bonaventure / AFP

7 thoughts on “Airbus A-380 Interior Photos

  1. Very beautiful and well designed considering the space they have to work with. The ironic thing it looks like the Pilots have the least amount of room on the plane! I wonder what the average cost per ticket would be for these flights?

  2. How wonderfully have the creators of AIRBUS done to have immagined such beauty. It would be a wonderful ride in the AIRBUS for the affluent but for the down trodden, its a pipe’s dream! I would have love to ride this beauty in the air but what can a poor man do in this wolrd? Absolutely nothing. Ours is to admire… Theirs is to enjoy the rides! Bravo to the manufaturers.

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