Instagram Reels Trends 2024

Written By Alla Levin
January 18, 2024

Instagram Reels Trends 2024

Are you curious about what’s trending on Instagram reels scene? Let’s dive into the down-to-earth world of Instagram Reels Trends 2024 – find your ideas to craft the most excellent Instagram content this year.

Have you wondered how to make your reel videos pop this year? I have the scoop of ideas and tricks to turn your Instagram reel content into an eye-catching masterpiece.

Plus, I’ve learned, tested them out myself, and got the results on the magic behind turning your everyday stories into reels that’ll keep your followers returning for more.

So, get ready to spice up your Insta game with the latest Instagram Reels Trends 2024. It’s not just Instagram reel trends; it’s a guide to creating trending reel videos that are as unique as you are.

Easy Grasp Headlines

You only have 2-3 seconds to grab the viewer’s attention. If the first frame and headline don’t hook them, they’ll scroll past and find something more appealing or comfortable to perceive. Crafting headlines that are easy to understand is crucial in the digital age, where attention spans are limited to just 2-3 seconds.

Any content’s initial frame and headline must captivate the viewer instantly; otherwise, they are likely to scroll past in search of something more exciting or easily digestible. The challenge lies in swiftly creating headlines that grab attention, ensuring the audience is enticed to engage with the content rather than moving on to more appealing or comfortable alternatives.


  • Avoid complex sentences and heavy thoughts;
  • Simplify the headline as much as possible;
  • Try to convey the key idea in a short but compelling text.

StorytellingInstagram Reels Trends 2024

Create conversational life reels for 20-50 seconds on a simple yet relevant topic.

Developing storytelling skills involves crafting brief, conversational life reels that span between 20 to 50 seconds. The focus should be on choosing a simple yet personally relevant topic. In this context, a life reel refers to a short narrative or story that encapsulates a meaningful aspect of one’s experiences.

The aim is to engage the audience in a conversation by sharing a brief but impactful story, creating a connection through relatable and compelling content. The emphasis on simplicity ensures that the narrative remains accessible and resonates with the audience within the short attention span of 20 to 50 seconds.

“How do you prepare for a move?”

“How was your perfect/worst date?”

“Funny childhood story”

“Why do I read books?”

“My most unusual client” for beauty professionals, for example.

Bonus: You can create a video from any clips under your voiceover if you and your life are in them.


Try to make the voiceover lively, as monotone speech can make even the most exciting topic boring. Get inspired by shorts on YouTube, as this format is widespread and gains tremendous views there.

Real-Life Videos

Users are hooked by maximally straightforward life content that happens (as it seems to them) specifically to them. Such content makes them want to share with a friend with the caption “This is me” or “We.”

Real-life videos that capture users’ attention present maximally straightforward life content. The key is to create content that feels relatable and personally relevant to the viewers, almost as if the events are unfolding specifically for them. This relatability is a powerful hook that encourages users to connect strongly with the content.

The success of such videos is evident when users are compelled to share them with friends, often accompanied by captions like “this is me” or “we.” The desire to share stems from recognizing shared experiences and a sense of camaraderie, making the content not just a passive viewing experience but a social currency that resonates within personal circles.


Use hooks:
• pov / real
• and you too…?
• is it just me…?

It’s a plus if you present the content with humor.

Viewer’s pain (life) + humor =

Reel Segmentation Into Series or PartsReel Segmentation Into Series or Parts

Choose one theme you can explore in several reels and number these reels. For example, “day 1” or “part 1”. Once hooked on one part, the viewer goes to your profile to watch the rest of the videos in that series.

Segmenting content into sections, series, or parts involves selecting a specific theme that can be explored across multiple reels. Each reel is numbered or labeled, such as “day 1” or “part 1,” indicating its sequential order within the series. This approach aims to create a cohesive narrative or explore a particular topic that unfolds gradually.

By presenting content in this segmented manner, the initial reel serves as a hook to capture the viewer’s interest. Once engaged with the first part, viewers are encouraged to visit your profile to watch the subsequent reels in the series.

This sequential arrangement keeps the audience invested in the story or theme and promotes continuity, enticing them to explore more content within the designated series. The strategy leverages curiosity and the desire for completeness, turning a single viewing into an opportunity for a more extended and immersive experience on your profile.

Going to the profile after watching reels is an excellent signal for Instagram algorithms.

Example for storytelling:

If you live in another country, tell in several parts about the peculiarities of that country.
If you are getting a pet, tell about the preparation, the long-awaited meeting with the pet, and its adaptation at home.
Example for expert content/utility:

5 days = 5 content life hacks;
7 days = 7 tips from a traveler;
7 days = 7 secrets of a healthy back;
Adapt to your niche and expertise.

Real Life

Let’s talk about keeping it real! The whole picture-perfect scene we often see on Pinterest? Well, it’s losing its sparkle, even for those about flawless aesthetics. We’re craving something more down-to-earth, you know? Real-life moments without all the gloss and artificial vibes.

And hey, not everyone lives in those picture-perfect Scandinavian-style homes or has a so-called dream figure. So, showing a bit of realness? That’s the secret sauce to connecting with your audience. It’s about embracing imperfections and letting people see life’s genuine, relatable side.

But here’s the cool part – we’re not saying ditch quality altogether. It’s more about steering away from the sea of perfect shots that all start looking the same. Now, there’s this nifty trend towards what we like to call “uneesthetic aesthetics.” It’s like imperfections are the new black. And trust me, if you capture it with quality and a dash of taste, it will turn heads.

We’re all about keeping it real and embracing the beauty in life’s little quirks. There’s this shift towards sincerity and imperfection, like a breath of fresh air in the world of picture-perfect sameness. So, show your real, authentic self – imperfections and all – and let’s make genuine connections!

Evoke EmotionsEvoke Emotions

Plan scenarios and ideas for reels to evoke ONE evident emotion:

  • sadness;
  • joy;
  • laughter;
  • admiration;
  • sympathy;
  • shame (or even cringe )

The right emotion -> the proper interaction (like/repost/save).

Alright, let’s dive into the emotional rollercoaster of content creation! Picture this: instead of just throwing random stuff out there, why not plan your reels to hit one emotion on the bullseye? We’re talking about making your audience feel something real – whether it’s sadness, joy, laughter, admiration, sympathy, or maybe even a bit of that cringe factor (wink, wink).

Why does it matter? Why is it one of the Instagram reels trends 2024? Well, the right emotion sparks the right kind of interaction. You want those likes, reposts, and saves, right? Of course! So, if you’re aiming for a tearjerker, people might share it with a heartfelt comment. Expect the virtual applause of likes and shares if it’s all about laughs.

It’s like this magical connection – you make them feel, and they respond. So, grab your emotional toolkit and plan those scenarios that tug at the heartstrings or unleash the giggles. Create that one clear emotion, and watch your audience hit those interaction buttons like they’re on a mission. It’s not just content; it’s a vibe, an emotional journey, and the key to getting your audience hooked on that like, repost, and save button spree! ✨

Creative Editing

Let’s spice things up with creativity in your editing game! We’re not just talking about slapping clips together – we’re talking about turning your content into a dynamic, vibrant masterpiece that’s practically impossible to look away from.

Why be dull when you can be dazzling? Creative editing is the secret sauce to keeping those eyes glued to the screen. Think dynamic transitions, playful effects, and a burst of bright colors that pop like confetti on New Year’s Eve. It’s not just about presenting your idea; it’s about turning it into a visual feast.

And here’s the genius part – when you unleash your creativity in editing, you’re not just keeping the viewer’s attention; you’re practically ensuring they stick around till the end. It’s like a magic spell that transforms a casual viewer into a dedicated fan.

So, grab those editing tools, sprinkle in some creativity, and watch your video completion rates skyrocket. This isn’t just editing; it’s an art form, a spectacle, and the key to making your content unmissable.

Downsides: This approach is the best for the skilled users. If you’re familiar with video editors, use this to push your videos to the top.

Convert Stories Into ReelsConvert Stories Into Reels

Let’s spill the tea on turning your stories into reel – time magic. You feel it, too, right? Stories are like our backstage pass to authenticity – where we’re honest, candid, and just ourselves. Now, imagine merging that vibe with the sparkle of reels. That’s the secret sauce for videos that people won’t be able to resist.

It’s like this equation: Take the realness, the everyday topics, and the sincerity straight from your stories. Then, sprinkle in some quality and top-notch editing magic from reels. Bam! You’ve got a formula for videos like catnip for your audience.

What does it all mean? It means you’re crafting an experience, not just creating content. Viewers get a front-row seat to your genuine, unfiltered stories, but now with a splash of that reel pizzazz. It’s like bringing the best of both worlds into one irresistible package.

So, dive into your stories, grab that authenticity, blend it with some quality edits, and voila! You’ve just brewed up videos that people won’t just watch; they’ll binge-watch and return for more. It’s not just content; it’s a vibe, a fusion, and the key to creating a reel connection with your audience with this Instagram reels trends 2024.

Instagram Reels Trends 2024

In 2023, there was a massive trend in expertise, and the recommendations feed was filled with reels that teach or sell something. Now, the emphasis is gradually shifting, and specifically, videos about you, your life, and your personality will gain the most views and interactions.

Always Learn: Wrap Uphow to monetize your creativity

Before I sign off, let me open up my playbook and introduce you to my motivators, mentors, and cherished social media influencers, including the stellar trio of Latasha James, Modern Millie, and Jade Beason. Now, let’s take one more look at why mastering the art of social media isn’t just a remarkable skill; it’s a game-changer.

In the larger picture, social media isn’t just a digital gathering spot; it’s a dynamic engine for expanding your brand, whether you’re at the helm of a business or cultivating a personal brand. Consider your online presence as a virtual storefront capable of capturing the attention of millions.

Mastering the art of social media isn’t solely about amassing likes and shares; it’s about meticulously curating a space where your brand radiates authenticity. It’s the ideal platform to enhance your brand, discover how to monetize your creativity and make money on social media.

It’s the ultimate hotspot for boosting your brand and discovering how to turn your creativity into cold, hard cash. That’s why I’m always on a learning spree, and I’m super pumped to recommend you do the same.

Let me spill the beans on my go-to mentors – the real MVPs of the social media world:

Latasha James, the digital marketing guru, has adeptly guided us in turning our brand into the talk of the town. Modern Millie, the maestro of blending life with entrepreneurship, has provided us with a front-row ticket to the enchantment of authenticity. And for all you aspiring User-Generated Content (UGC) creators out there, Jade Beason stands as living proof that your distinctive voice can create ripples.

So, here’s the strategy: Let’s not merely ride the social media wave; let’s grab it, ride it, and perhaps even create a few waves of our own. Social media isn’t just a platform; it’s a tool and armed with some knowledge, we can all become masters of this digital domain.

Whether your goal is to grow your brand, become a UGC creator, or navigate the ever-evolving social media trends, remember that the journey is just as crucial as the destination. Brace yourself for implementing practical tips and a sprinkle of inspiration as we continue our exploration of the social media universe together!

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