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  1. John Brown, are you an example of a stupid American, perchance? “How can you consume more than you produce?” Um, importing?! That’s what America does too, hence the war-for-oil in the Middle East. It is highlighting how the EU consumes much more than it produces, therefore is not self-sufficient. Same as all Western countries.

  2. …. wtf guys… its a website on a bunch of flags and all u shit for brains from America suddenly turn it into an argument about you… the world does not care about you… u blast the media with shit about America being the best and then u have journalists doing the same but from the opposite point-of-view… it is a country filled with hate, altho that is exactly like every other country in this world, and everyone chooses to blame USA because they are all rednecks…

    another thing, i bet 90% of you couldnt even name all those flags, all living in your own private world having your small problems compared to the continents like Africa

    Now alot of you might argue with this… but why do people feel sorry for alot of the black population in Africa because they all suffer… who do u think stuffed up the country in the first place, african countries are like others… they have the poor, starving population, the rich, cock-sucking government who ruin it all… and the black population who believe government is god and follow them to death until someone eventually kills the government and they all rejoice…

    If America wants to help africa… stop sending money it only goes to the rich, government fucks anyway, instead, show them a working peaceful country where the government can be wrong and that “The government should be afraid of their people, not the people afraid of their government” Africa does not understand how government works because majority of Africa have not been educated above a grade 1 lvl

    and before anyone mistakes me for an American or something…

    I lived in Zimbabwe (Thats in Africa if some of u dont know ur countries)

  3. This is a fantastic, humorous, yet brutally realistic portrayal of factual information about select countries.

    I am an American, yet I am horrified by many of my countries’ actions. I chose to continue to live here because I believe in the ideals this country was founded on. I believe that people should have a voice in their government, and I still entertain the vain hope that one day the United States will actually listen to the voices of the people.

    I don’t think that we should make sweeping statements about intelligence of Americans, as intelligence cannot truly be quantified (IQ scores are not perfect by any means). I do think that the people that live around me, in Naples Florida, are generally more wrapped up in their own lives and would hardly notice if their next-door neighbor died. But in the very same community, people that go to my school are much more friendly and open. Awareness of people indeed does swing from “Where is Iraq?” to “You don’t like the President? Feel free to admire the burning cross on your lawn.” (This actually did happen several years ago).

    The Democratic/Republican party system and the Liberal/Conservative belief systems are inherently flawed. I have observed that so called Republicans and Democrats have stunningly similar ideals, except that they don’t want to agree with each other on anything!

    I am sad that other nations view Americans with such contempt, but in a way we actually deserve it for not educating ourselves on current political issues, taking stances and developing logical arguments to support them (not arguments like “f*ck you!!” “f*ck you more!!”), and supporting them to the point of making our country follow the will of the people.

    These pictures are a clear, concise representation of facts, some of which are disturbing, that pertain to select countries. Political opinions aside, a brilliant piece of work.

    Ben Dwyer

  4. If you’re reading this website it means you have access to a computer and the internet, which means you are probably doing alright.

    It means you have access to electricity, money, and enough food and free time that you can browse the web and read inane comments on random web pages. In short, it means you are most likely middle to upper class and live a relatively safe and secure life. I’d also hazard a guess that the majority of you are white and come from either Europe or North America.

    Which means you are directly benefiting from the modern industrial and economic structure of our world, which is largely set up for the western worlds benefit, and is directly related to the poverty and disease of the third world which the majority of you are complaining about while you sip your latte in the internet cafe on the corner.

    Which makes 90% of you complete friggin’ hypocrites. Put down the Chomsky book you think you are understanding and go do something about it.

  5. Stupid california is quite right. as a matter of fact I’M white, but i try not to be a hypocrite. i use as little gas/electricity as possible and try to make as much as i can instead of buying it which in the big picture does shitall.

    We are all used to being overfed and spoilt. while we complain that we have to share a bedroom with our brother/sister while people in third world countries are lucky to have even one room for their family of about 4 generation.

    i am a hypocrite but i comfort myself in knowing about what has happened and the knowledge that when i make an income (and i am twelve so no i’m not making an income yet) i will donate

  6. well im from england an tbh im as disgusted with our goverment as i am with the americans imo any one that has any power seems to abuse it just because our goverments are crap doesnt mean the genral public are tho. although that doesnt count for americans as there all twats an the only people who like them are other americans i think they get brainwashed from a early age an deffently get dumbed down

  7. This is a lot more sad if you’ve served a tour in the peace corps for two years, especially the american ones.

    When I got back, I called up one of the people that, before I left I considered very intelligent. His response to where I had been was “Peru? That’s in Europe, right?”

    It’s amazing how much I’ve learned in two years about the world that not even the national news thought to discuss…

    You don’t really see the poverty until you live it. Reintegrating into a culture that values the cheap, fast, and easy way of life so they can wallow in their narcissism is hard.

    Not all Americans are like this, I give you that. But as for me, I’m leaving soon. I just can’t live in a place that’s so self-centered that they forget what a rich and beautiful world is around us, that just totally forgets what happens at Machu Picchu at sunset.

    Peru, here I come.

  8. I am really puzzled by why people say these are humorous. They don’t seem remotely humorous to me.

    Must be a cultural difference or something.

  9. And for the people who were asking why the text at the bottom of the EU flag doesn’t look like “Meet the World” – the other text is different too. looks to me like it’s in another language, probably French.

  10. “if you don?t like America why do you live here?”

    ROFL! Did it never occur to you that the Internet also exists outside of the USA? You DO realize there IS a world beyond the borders of your country?

    You US’ers really are as stupid as they say. 😀

    I don’t like America, and that’s EXACTLY why I DON’T live there.

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