Julian Beever Images

Julian Beever Images

Julian Beever Images
image014.jpgJulian Beever Images

16 thoughts on “Julian Beever Images

  1. it is amazing but it only looks good from the one angle otherwise it is really stretched out and elongated from the side on view it just looks distorted. but it is intense man,well intense and it is so influencial to see someone else who does street art except for baksy!!!check him out on http://www.banksy.co.uk it is amazing grafitti in different place especiall the ones in plalistien amazing!!!don’t forget to check him out!!rock on dudes

  2. HOW DO YOU DO THAT????? This is amazing. i’m an art student, and I’m trying to figure this out! Are these images actually flat on the ground? Made to look 3-D? I’m very impressed, good luck with your talent!!

  3. dude this is awesome! im entering a sidewlk pastel tournament at alabama shakespear festival this year and im getting all of my influence from you! you rock! maybe you coul come do some sidewalk art in montgomery.

  4. These are amazing! It would be cool to see more pics of the wrong angles. these are VERY good though! WOW!

  5. truly awesome! i just wonder what some of these other works of art look like from different angles. i notice the pedestrians not showing much notice to the artwork as they walk by.

  6. Unbelievable! I’ve never seen like this before. The first question (after wwwwoooowwww!!!!) was: is ground really flat??? Or it’s an optical trick? I shown this pictures to my friends – they said it’s amazing too!

    I’m not painter, but i like uncommon things. I wish you good luck and further sucsess! And welcome to Russia – we have a lot of flat grounds! I guess, russians will be happy to seen this too.

    P.S. Why they living till first rain only? :(((

  7. This is amazing! I can’t even imagine doing work this awesome! I think you should put a few more on there from different views, like a view from up above and all angles.

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