Microsoft Keeps the Focus on Digital Imaging

Not only has Microsoft recently introduced a new version of its digital-imaging software suite, but it also has launched a new Web site targeted specifically at digital photographers.

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Toy racing cars

This is not a product to be found on the market. At least, not yet. Rather, its a project by Philip Worthington and William Denniss

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Illustrator Charts

Small tutorial on how to create a nice Illustrator pie chart. This tutorial is made in Adobe Illustrator CS2, however it should be no problem if you use an older version

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New Release of Internet Vibes

After a long long period of letting this site go as is we finally decided to start a new era in its life

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Anatomy Of An Internet Search Engine

Anatomy Of An Internet Search Engine For some unfortunate souls SEO is simply the learning of tricks and techniques that, according to their understanding, should propel their site into the top rankings on the major search engines. This understanding of the way SEO works can be effective for a time however …

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Acrobat Tricks

I must admit I’ve always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with Acrobat. I’ve never been particularly enamoured with the idea of text file format that requires a 25MB reader app. On top of that, it’s performance has never been exactly sizzling either

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