How to do a pixel head

Process that is applicable to all pixel-style drawing: begin with the form and sketch out where the details go, then a trying things out until more and more bits come together. Let’s look at the drawing of Franz Beckenbauer. [via Drawn]

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Image Galleries section is open

We opened new site section called Image Galleries . There you may find various image galleries collected from the web. Mostly they are unique and intresting images that is worth to see! As of now we gladly present Julian Beever Images Old USSR Posters about Stalin and Soviet people (from 30th)

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Carnival Cartoons – Purveyors of Fine Creative Content

Carnival Cartoons, a virtual animation studio, is the brainchild of animation superheroes Jared Deal (NYC) and Garnet Sylberg-Olsen (Vancouver). [ via drawn ]

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World’s Smallest and Lightest Folding Bicycle

The $300 A-Bike utilises automotive grade, engineering polymers for its structural components, saddle and handlebars and has a level of stiffness, fatigue and impact resistance comparable with aero-grade aluminium. By using these new materials, the A-bike’s weight has been reduced to just 5.5 kg (12 lbs). it can be folded inside 10 seconds into a […]

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Genviève Godbout

Genviève Godbout is a 2D animation student from Montréal studying at Gobelins in Paris (who coincidentally worked on Sebastien, the short featured in this post). Her blog, though new, is already teeming with beautiful beautiful drawings. More of her work can be found at her deviantART page. [via drawn ]

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Time goes fast, our website has been serving you since 2001. The 1st issue of the most popular e-magazine NWP started in 2004 and we have just released our latest, if not greatest, 4th edition in April 17, 2006 (Easter Monday) During these years, we would like to thank all of you to show your […]

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360Voice Bits WordPress Plugin

Pure Digital Thought released new WordPress plugin called 360 Voice Bits So, I’ve taken the dive into WordPress plugins. Yes, Saccia is still alive. I’ve been busy doing lots of stuff. Anyhow, I thought I’d drop this little tidbit on the blog. On the right, you’ll see the link to the WordPress plugin I wrote […]

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