Amazonian fish

The pirarucu is one of the largest freshwater fish in the world. It can grow up to 10 ft long and weighs around 400 lb. This size is small compared to the documented size about 100 years ago which was 15 ft (4.6 m). This fish has a flat bony head, followed by an elongated […]

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Spoon Art

Below is a several examples of what could be made from the regular spoon. Just contemporary art from regular things:

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Coolest Trucks Art (read art tuning)

These are pictures of European semi-trucks whose trailers are decorated to look like the sides are missing. The products they are hauling are painted on the sides and back. This one shows Pepsi cases stacked on the ceiling, while the bottom of the trailer is empty. This one is of a giant bottle of beer […]

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Typewriters Morph Into Creepy Sci-Fi Creatures

Jeremy Mayer makes new use of typewriters, he makes new Sci-Fi Creatures from them. Enjoy this awesome collection:

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Masterpieces of bodyart

Thousands of body painters gatehred in South Korean city Daegu to show the art of painting on human body. Here is some pictures of their masterpieces:

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Live Sign – Burn Fat Not Oil!

there should be at least 10 girls painted like this one

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