Accessories No Photographer Should Leave Home Without

Written By Alla Levin
June 21, 2022

Accessories No Photographer Should Leave Home Without

If you want to be as organized and effective as a photographer as you can possibly be, then there were some accessories that it really pays to bring with you wherever you go, including the following:

A great camera bag

There are so many great camera bags for women that are not only extremely stylish and elegant but which help to protect your camera from any knocks and bumps, not to mention the elements, you experience when you are carrying it around. 

When choosing a camera bag, look for one that is solidly made, but also lightweight. A bag that hangs off the shoulder or across the hip tends to be the most comfortable and allows you to keep a close eye on your camera, but any bag that keeps your camera safe and feels comfortable to you should work fine.

A memory card wallet

Memory card wallets are also just as important, and you should keep one in your camera bag. Why? Because memory cards are not only tiny, they can also break apart very easily, and when that happens, you lose all of your work! A good memory card wallet will protect them from breakages and make it far less likely that you end up losing one or two along the way.

A memory card readerA memory card reader

Of course, it is also handy to have a memory card reader with you that you can pull out and use to transfer your images whenever you need to.

With this, you can also access your photos in a 128GB memory card much faster than a data cable. Many people find this unnecessary and it perhaps is not quite as essential as some accessories, but when you don’t have one, you do miss it.

A lens cleaning kit

As you will probably know, camera lenses can get dusty and smudged at the best of times, which can significantly ruin the quality of your photographs. That is why you should always carry a lens cleaning kit when you plan to take photographs. These say, you can get small kits that will fit right in your pocket, so it need not be much of a burden.


Filters are a must-have for modern photographers. They can enhance your images and ensure you get exactly the shots you want in exactly the circumstances you desire. So, although they might be seen as a little uncool by some photographers these days, since they are so small and transportable, it is always worth bringing some along with you when you plan to take pictures.

An external hard drive

Bringing an external hard drive everywhere with you will ensure you never run out of memory. There’s nothing worse than not being able to take that perfect shot because there is no storage left to do so, so don’t let it happen, and remember to pack a decent solid-state hard drive.

If you always leave home with these accessories, your life as a photographer will be much simpler and you will be able to get on and enjoy the process even more.

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