Brussels International Festival for Live Audio Visual Arts & Vj’ing

From: Cimatics organisation

We’ve had a major catastrophe after the Video Club evening. After all the punters went home and we had about finished cleaning most of the trash, a stockroom at the venue, MAP- Matrix Art Project, caught fire. Fortunately the fire brigade was on the premises quickly and prevented the fire to spread and no one got hurt. Unfortunately the smoke has ruined all the audio and video material that was still in there.

This is of course a major financial disaster for the festival as well as for Billy, who runs MAP. All associated organizations will call out for help these coming days in order to create a fund to restore the venue. In the meanwhile we hope the insurance will cover most of the costs but there are always things that insurances don’t cover, like the fact that Jan Van Den Brande (VDB), who had provided all the sound equipment, now has to rent gear in order to keep providing the services he’s already committed to.
The festival will keep on going, so don’t hesitate to come to Mediaruimte on Friday or to check out all the installations in Brussels.

we’ll keep you posted on further developments.

Cimatics organisation


Brussels International Festival for
Live Audio Visual Arts & Vj’ing
October 26. – November 06, 2005

c/o Les P’tits Belges vzw
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B-1060 Brussels

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