Sanyo Xacti CA6 : Video camera with revolutionary design

Written By Alla Levin
July 14, 2006


The stylish Sanyo CA6 is “protected from splash in all directions,” conforming to the IEC international IPX4 standard. Splash-proof water resistance makes it practical to point and shoot even around the pool or at the beach. The Sanyo CA6 is also rugged enough to safely take photos or shoot video with wet hands while fishing, hiking, boating, skiing or enjoying many other outdoor leisure activities. While remarkably water resistant, the Sanyo Xacti CA6 should never be immersed in water. Ergonomically designed for convenient, one-handed operation, the CA6 digital media camera records both 640 x 480 resolution MPEG-4 video and 6-megapixel digital still images to a standard SD or SDHC flash memory card.

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