Internet Vibes Site Updates

Written By Alla Levin
August 25, 2007

Internet Vibes Site Updates

As you probably noticed now we are turned into self-organized blog network. Top of this site has links to most valued members. These mashup blogs are up and running under our cover and technology:

  • ExtraTech News – blog about technology, selected IT news from trusted sources;
  • Extra Realty – Real Estate Press Releases. If you are interested in US Real Estate – don’t miss it;
  • Sports Forward – Sports News; All about Sports events;
  • WindowsUpdated – Last minute Windows and Microsoft stories, downloads, links, updates and simply news.

Don’t miss this blogs, they came in a handy format and updated few times per day (sometimes even on an hourly schedule).

We also welcome your guest posts, don’t forget to ask for more details.

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