Spell Force 2 – Gold Edition

Written By Alla Levin
May 09, 2008

Spell Force 2 - Gold EditionPart of the Ultimate Collection: more than 170 games for just ?12.95/month – 50% Strategy, 50% RPG, 100% great. All is not good in the world of Eo: after the Shadow Wars the links between the shattered islands are deteriorating, streams of refugees head to the still powerful islands, but resources are running low and threaten to put the whole world into famine. Beings of incredible power are behind this and the only way to defeat them will be to call on the most powerful of allies: the Dragons of Eo. A brilliant mix between RPG and real time strategy, this Gold version of Spellforce 2 contains both the original game: Shadow Wars as well as the Dragon Storm expansion pack for the ultimate adventure.

Download `Spell Force 2 – Gold Edition`

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