Summertime Beauty Tips

Written By Alla Levin
June 08, 2018

Fresh Summer Skin Care Tips

Summer – the season we all crave for, one that full of lots of outdoor fun, festival goings and socializing! But without a doubt, the joy of summer is often accompanied by the perils of breakouts, greasy palms, and frizzy hair.

Basically, things that we have little to no control over. This can be frustrating and agonizing, however, if you go and visit website articles that offer solutions, you can quickly find something that works.

It takes time to see results, but they do exist, and are used by many during this fun season to help lower your insecurities!

When it comes to summertime skin and hair care, in general, it is crucial always to adjust your regimen to the hot weather. Don’t assume that just because it worked during the winter months, it will also work in summer.

Also keep in mind that everyone is unique, so it is wise to adopt a regimen that uniquely suits you. However, there are specific rules that make every skin and hair type look even brighter and healthier.

Best of all, the following tips are easy to implement and suitable for all ages, both women, and men.

Summer Skin Care Tips – Eat Light Healthy Food

Eat Light Healthy Food

The skin needs the right vitamins and minerals to look beautiful. Lighter foods such as salads are especially suitable for the summer months.

Avoid consuming ready-cooked frozen foods, fast foods, and sweets which often results in a pale complexion or even pimples. Fried food should also be avoided.

Consume Sufficient Fluidparticular acne medication

For beautiful skin and hair, it is particularly important to drink enough water.

It is best to opt for water (tap or mineral water), but if that’s too tasteless, you can also drink tea or give the water a natural taste with a few drops of lemon, for example.

Studies show that water loss occurs mainly through sweating. As we sweat more during the summer months, it is essential to consume at least 2 liters of fluid every day.

Tie Your Hair Backparticular acne medication_1

If you have long hair, tying your hair back not only ensures that excess oils from the hair is kept away from the skin, but also your hair is protected from UV rays. Even wearing a hat offers maximum protection.

Summer Skin Care Tips – Avoid Touching Your Face

Understanding the role of bacteria is very important for maintaining clear skin. Our hands are exposed to lurking bacteria throughout the day, most especially during summer when we tend to sweat more.

So touching your face with unwashed hands should be avoided at all costs. The regular disinfection of everyday objects such as the telephone or the computer keyboard can also be helpful.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol removes moisture from the skin and hair which makes them look unhealthier. Too much alcohol during the summer also heats the body up, making you sweat much more than usual.

Lasting alcohol consumption also promotes the formation of pronounced wrinkles and premature gray hair.

Adopt An Effective Skin Cleansing Routineprescription-acne-medication-4

In the morning and evening, the skin must be thoroughly cleansed of excess sebum, sweat, and dirt.

Here you have to be careful that you do not make it too extreme, because if you wash your skin too often and with radical means, the natural acid found on the skin (which is needed to protect the skin from dehydration) will be destroyed.

The skin will then produce even more sebum. The pimples may be dried out, but the sebum production will become too stimulated.

Generally, refrain from aggressive skin cleansing products. Plain water and mild cleansing lotions are always preferable, so as not to irritate the skin.

If your dermatologist has already recommended a particular acne medication, then it is best to stick to that.

Avoid Tobacco

The consumption of tobacco products also interferes with the development of moisture in the skin, which means that smokers and passive smokers, especially those of old age, can expect greater wrinkling.

Exercise Enoughprescription-acne-medication-1

Exercise ensures a pleasant circulation throughout the body and thus encourages a healthy appearance of your skin. In particular, sports in the fresh air is a fountain of youth for the skin, as well as oxygen.

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