Martial Arts: Individual And Group Classes With Mikhail Peleg

Written By Alla Levin
October 29, 2018
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Martial Arts Classes With Mikhail Peleg

If you decide to go into one of the types of martial arts, you need to be ready for frequent training and working on your body and mind. Physical training is not the only thing that is essential in martial arts. The abilities of self-control and directing your energy against an opponent are essential as well. All of this can be learned, but first, you need to find a good instructor.

For example, Mikhail Peleg ( already has 30 years of experience in Krav Maga, and he has his training method. It doesn’t matter if your reason to come is a personal desire to learn how to defend yourself or if you need to train to work in security services.

We will find out how necessary physical training is and what you should pay attention to at first. You also need to choose between individual and group classes. We will guide you on what is a better option for you.

Physical training

martial art - Krav Maga

Every man should take care of his health. The benefit of martial arts is the comprehensive preparation of the individual. You need to work on your body and be able to manage your emotions. We will focus more on physical development, and you can review other nuances with instructor Mikhail Peleg if you choose Krav Maga classes –

So, what is essential for proper physical training if you are going to practice martial arts? Flexibility, endurance, strength, speed, and quick response are vital skills.

You cannot select only some skills that you will train. It would be best if you worked on them in the complex. For example, many athletes do not pay much attention to developing flexibility. But it needs to be created equally as endurance.

Think carefully about the exercises ratio.It should be active, passive, and static exercises. Proper stretching is also essential, especially if you want to master full-contact martial art like Krav Maga. It will be great for other types of martial arts too.

Choosing the type of classes

You will need to decide what kind of Martial Arts classes to choose: individual or group. Krav Maga instructor, Mikhail Peleg, provides an ability to choose.: individual or group. Krav Maga instructor, Mikhail Peleg, provides an ability to choose. He developed training methods that allowed training even in combat units.

Everyone can choose which type, individual or group, will be more effective for him. Individual classes are great because the instructor’s attention is paid only to you. You will also get a personal training program. But in group classes you can try to fight with others, so you get more experience.

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