Menstrual Cup for Low Cervix: Choosing the Right Size for You

Written By Alla Levin
April 10, 2019

Choosing the Right Size of Menstrual Cup for Low Cervix

Being a woman, you will be facing lots of encounters that you have to pass through because of your biological disposition.

With this said, the market today offers lots of option that you can choose to aid you throughout whatever process you are going through.

Like menstruation, there are a countless sanitary pad, tampons, menstrual cup, and other options available to you.

You only need to know which fits your need best and what sanitary menstrual device you have taken a liking to.

Thus, if you are a woman who is currently considering menstrual cup, then here is the information that you need in choosing the right size for you, not only for those who have a low cervix.

What is the Cervix?

So, first off, let us explain what the cervix is. The cervix is a small part of female anatomy but is essential to the body since it connects the vagina and uterus.

This female part looks like a tiny doughnut of flesh that is around 3cm in diameter which varies in firmness depending on your menstrual cycle, arousal, and pregnancy.

The cervix has a tiny opening which allows the sperm to swim in and your blood discharges during menstruation to flow out.

Also, it also is designed to adapt for childbirth wherein it would expand up to 10 cm during labor.

What has Cervix Got to do with Right Sizing?What has Cervix Got to do with Right Sizing

So, first off, if you have just heard that your friend has a menstrual cup for a low cervix that does not mean that you are too.

Thus, it is essential to know how high or low your cervix is to have the right menstrual cup size for you properly.

Imagine having a pair of jeans that do not fit you well; uncomfortable isn’t it?

That’s why just like with that logic, your cervix has to do something about the right sizing of your menstrual cup.

This is why it is crucial that your menstrual cup sits below your cervix to collect the flow while being comfortable and is entirely inside your vagina.

How Do You Measure the Cervix’ Height?How Do You Measure the Cervix’ Height

If you still don’t know how high your cervix sits, then here are some method that you can use to measure it.

  • The Knuckle Measurement

First off, wash your hands since you will be inserting your fingers inside.

Then, spread your labia and gently insert your middle finger. After that, locate your cervix with your fingertip, you will feel like touching the tip of your nose when touching your cervix.

After finding your cervix, take note which knuckle is closest to your vaginal opening.

You may now then measure according to the knuckle your vaginal opening sits. If you find that it is in-between knuckles, then you might have a low or high cervix.

Note that it is different for everyone since the hand’s measurement may be smaller or larger. Thus, this method is for approximate sizing and is not entirely accurate.

  • The Ruler Measurement

The ruler method is not far off from the knuckle measurement. For this method, wash your hands first since you will be inserting a finger into your vagina.

Then, spread your labia and gently insert your middle finger. After that, locate your cervix with your fingertips, just like before, it should feel like you are touching the tip of your nose.

For what’s different from the first measurement and this method is the use of a ruler to help you measure the tip of your finger to the stopping point which lies at your vaginal opening.

You can say that this method is more accurate than before since it has a specific numerical measurement to determine which menstrual cup size fits you best.

What Menstrual Cup Sizes Fits the Cervical Height?

So, we are now finally in choosing the right size for your cervical height! Listed below are the right sizes of the menstrual cup for low cervix, medium cervix, and high cervix.

Low Cervix. Menstrual cup for low cervix should be either small sizes that were designed shorter than the average cup, or those more bell-shaped cups.

Medium Cervix. For medium cervix menstrual cup, you sure are lucky! You will have more choice than low cervix.

Thus small sizes, short cups, and bell-shaped cups would work for you.

The possibilities are endless with a medium cervix, but for more comfortability, a menstrual cup of average size or medium-firm will be your best choice.

High Cervix. For high cervixes, you also have more choice when it comes to shapes and sizes.

However, you might find it more advantageous to use V-shaped cups since it would be easier for you to reach it during the removal.


A menstrual cup does give you lots of benefits, but if you do not consider things like cervical height, it may just give you more discomfort rather than its advantages.

Thus, it is essential to know these kinds of facts before actually buying one to avoid any waste of resources.

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