Water Wishes – What to Look For in Your First Boat

Written By Alla Levin
July 10, 2019
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First-time Boat Buyer: What to Look For in Your First Boat

Hello, a first-time boat buyer!

Buying a boat is not a pleasure enjoyed by many, with the lifestyle, skill, and price often excluding the masses from taking to the sea. This can make the process that much more exciting, not to mention that you don’t have to share the great blue with thousands of other seafarers.

While elite and alluring, buying a boat for the first time does limit the information available out there and how to proceed with a purchase.  We’ve unpacked the ins and outs of what to look for and what to avoid so that you can have a smooth sailing during the process, from initial search to hallett boats for sale on Shoppok.

Consider second hand

You would be hard-pressed to find someone who takes care of a boat better than a previous boat owner. Finding used catamarans for sale will expose you to a wider range of high-performing vessels, with the owner having all the relevant information you need about the detail of your boat and maintenance history.

Insider tips and recommendations will always put you at ease, especially if it’s a significant purchase as a boat. By conducting the sale through a reliable provider of new and used catamarans, it’s another layer of protection and assurance that you will walk away with the right boat for you.

You can also check or look for one of the many repo boat auctions online, you can get a great deal in one of those. Great assurance that you will get a well-functioning boat that is worth investing in.

Function first, fun secondFirst Time Boat Buyer

All boats are fun; otherwise, you wouldn’t be on a quest to find your first boat. Beyond that fact, what you need to consider is your boat’s functionality and whether that meets your real needs.

Bigger is only better if you will be hosting enough guests to facilitate the size. Contrastly, a small boat just like second hand canal boats for sale that doesn’t have enough room for your plans will not get you very far, but it would also be practical if you are only exploring rivers or small lakes.

Understanding your needs and preparing for your seafaring adventures will ensure you don’t secure something underutilized or less than what you need.

Find a catamaran for sale that you can effectively captain

Novices believe that if you can steer one boat, you can control them all. This isn’t necessarily the case, and with boat technology advancing steadily, you will want to look for a boat that is compatible with your training and expertise level.

Trying before you buy is the greatest way to determine the right fit, so don’t be shy in asking to take her out to sea before you commit. Also, try to be a passenger on as many leisure boat trips that you can, so you can begin to understand what the norm is and whether you have any skill gaps.

First-time boat buyer: A clean bill of health boats with damage.

One would think that’s it’s common knowledge to select a boat that has a clean bill of health. And yet, many boats don’t last the distance, with buyers having no one to blame but themselves for not doing their pre-sale due diligence and buying boats with damage. By seeking out a boat expert or an owner and operator of many vessels, you can get an insight into what features you should include in your search and what you should work to avoid.

You may find that the boat you are honing in on looks great, but has many hidden costs below the surface, literally. Don’t forget to use a boat cover to keep your boat clean. Check Global Marine Picks For Better Product.

Buying your first boat is an exciting time, but it will serve you not to be overcome by all the bells and whistles that look great but are in no way relevant to your needs. Expect a considerable chunk of time to conduct your research, understand your needs and trial your boat options. From there? It’s nothing but blue skies and the vast ocean.

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