5 Cool Facts About Education Around the World

Written By Alla Levin
July 10, 2019

Facts about Education around the World

Education is the key to success. A well-educated person can always find a better way out of life problems and raise a tremendous future generation. Education is a powerful weapon to overcome a current situation and to dispel ignorance.

We have to feed our minds with knowledge to equip ourselves to establish a better future for ourselves and our families. But, what do we know about education? We all know that education can change your life for good. Learn some cool facts about education that may amuse you.

Paper write assignments: students in China receive much more homework compared to other countries all over the worldpaper write

After classes and attending various extra-curricular activities, students in China spend on average three or more hours doing homework or paper write assignments every day. Most of the time, they don’t have any opportunity to play games and have fun, even during weekends.

When I was teaching Chinese students English lessons online, I had many students who were really tired and exhausted due to the homework they had to finish. With this, they haven’t got enough sleep every day, which of course, sabotages their academic performance in class.

The World’s Biggest School can be found in India

We all know that India is one of the most populated countries globally, and as of the moment, the population of India is 1.3 Billion. And in one of the Indian cities, Lucknow, you can find City Montessori School, which has more than 50 000 students and 1,050 classrooms. Wow! What a community! The school was established in 1959 by Bharti and Jagdish Gandhi. This school is internationally acclaimed by the Guinness Book of World Records for being the Biggest School in the World.

Kids in Japan are the most independent.

homework or paper write

Students in Japan go to schools alone. In this kind of technique, student’s autonomy and discipline are highly developed at an early age. Moreover, they don’t have any janitors or cleaners inside the school premises, so they must clean.

As a rule in the Japanese Education System, pupils are equally distributed in groups to be in charge of certain places or areas to do school chores like cleaning, sweeping the floor, dusting, etc. They have an exceptional discipline that is thoroughly admirable, and every student or school system should try to abide.

World’s smallest School. Where to Find it?

If India has the world’s most prominent school, well, Italy has the world’s smallest school, which can be found in Tulin. Surprisingly, there is only one girl who studies in the school with her only one teacher.

According to the interview they had with the student, it’s a bit lonely because she has to study alone, and most of the time, she is using her imagination and pretends that she’s studying with other students. Luckily, even if there is just one student in the class, officials have deliberately concluded to keep the school open. Check the most unusual schools in the world.

Students in Germany receive a gift on the first day of schoolpaper write assignments

Children in Germany receive a particular large-cone-shaped container which they call Schultute. This container is filled with sorts of treats and yummy sweets. However, they can open the Schultute when they start the first day of class. This way, kids get excited to go to school because of these presents.

So, if we will practice this kind of culture, we can also motivate our students, especially young learners, to study well and to fall in love with learning and education. Those are just really cool, interesting facts about education around the world. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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