Controlling Different Flaring Inflammation Conditions

Written By Alla Levin
December 19, 2019

Controlling Different Flaring Inflammatory Conditions

Inflammatory conditions – are something that isn’t only attributed to inflammation of muscles or joints. Other parts of your body such as your skin and scalp can be susceptible to having moments of flaring too. If you’re not familiar, you might be asking ‘what is flaring?’

This is when the symptoms of a condition or disease suddenly increase either due to environmental or physical changes to your body. A flare can worsen the condition and allow it to spread to other parts of your system. However, eventually, it will subside and fade away after a bit of time.

During the flare, you will feel an increase in pain, and more than likely, your body temperature will rise sharply. These are just a few ways you can control your symptoms during a flaring episode.

Flaring red eczema

If you have the common skin condition of eczema, no doubt you will have felt a flare-up or two. This can be caused due to sudden changes in temperature such as felt in summer and winter. You may also notice an increased rashed and red burning skin when you stop taking steroids.

This is called topical steroid withdrawal. A flaring episode will make your skin very dry very quickly. The result in itching can make things worse by pooling blood on the affected area, which only spurs the flare on even further.

The main thing to do is to decrease irritation. Taking off layers of clothing yet keeping warm is one way to combat a flare-up. Wearing high-quality cotton definitely helps as coarse synthetics and wool make the situation worse. Do not put water onto your skin, instead drink more of it. Use a soothing moisturizer and try to breathe slowly to keep your blood pressure down and your body’s response calm.

Shin splints flaring

If you jog a lot, you’ll know how challenging having shin splints can be. One of the worst things you can feel is a shin splint flare during one of your runs. There are a few ways to heal and control this.  First of all, learn an effective anterior tibialis stretch. The best type is one that balls up your toes and has your foot extended down as far as it can go. Then grab your foot cross-legged, and pull the toes closer to you.

This will stretch the long, tough muscle that runs along the outside of your shin bone. You should also take some CBD product that aids in flare-ups. There’s plenty of CBD for sale and it comes in many different forms. Cookies, scrubs, oils, and even a bath bomb are available. CBD is known to aid in the decrease of inflammation, which is one of the symptoms of a flaring episode. Take this at night and you’ll be ready to run in the morning.

Inflammatory Conditions – Arthritic flaringCBD for sale

If you suffer from arthritis, flare-ups are just something you will get used to. The treatment of such events is simple. You must pool as much fresh blood into the area quickly as possible. This means, soaking your hands in ice-cold water or applying ice packs will slow and stop the inflammation and give your joints extra flexibility. Flare-ups are sudden spurts of irritation and inflammation episodes. Inflammatory conditions will eventually go away so keep calm and try to limit the irritation as much as possible.

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