3 Ways Of Staying Ahead Of The Consumer Trend Curve

Written By Alla Levin
February 23, 2020

3 Ways Of Staying Ahead Of The Consumer Trend Curve

We’re just about two months into the year, and we already see marked shifts in the consumer. Trickle-down economics plays a significant role in the ever-changing trends that businesses must try to accommodate.

The biggest thing we can take from the consumer sentiment of last year is that a recession is not arriving anytime soon because consumers are quietly optimistic. They’re also more expectant of competition. Medium-range brands are now fighting with the top brands, giving customers many more options.

Large brands are wary of this and trying to offer more to customers to keep them on board. To prepare for the inevitable changes in the market, you need to implement a few things to stay ahead of the curve.

Consumers can burnout

Just like employees, consumers can burn out too. The main reason for this is that technology has evolved so much that customers can afford to sit out for a year and not upgrade their products. They can sit out for 2-3 years for specific products.

Thus, businesses need to prevent this by providing a new reason to buy their product. Eco-friendly designs are the way forward, and sustainable and ethical products are becoming extremely popular in terms of the conscience consumer.

If you sell bottled water, make sure you’re using recycled plastic and let this be known to the customer. If you’re a brand that sells jeans, make sure you’re not using third-world sweatshops and ethically producing your products. This gives consumers a new reason to buy instead of burning them out with the same old ‘it’s just better reasoning.

Rolling with the trends

Consumer trends are constantly changing, but they tend to stay in the same group for a few weeks relative to the year and the industry. For a month or two, consumers might want more woolen products. This could be due to the winter.

Next month a consumer trend might be telling you to offer products for holidays, and more people will start to book vacations in the early spring and summer. It’s one thing to keep up with consumer trends, but it’s another to structure your marketing campaign to coincide with every turn.

That’s why a managed google ads accounts service lays out a proper marketing structure plan to optimize group ads. Associate keywords are aligned, so you’re casting the new wide and using a pinpoint, accurate fishing rod as a high-bid keyword or phrase.

Culture has an effect

In the current climate, many consumers use their cultural preferences to dictate their purchases. Instagram celebrities and marketing heavily influence fashion consumers. Musicians, actors, and sports stars also heavily influence how consumers approach brands.

It’s essential to align yourself with some public figure that matches your brand’s image and values. Consumer trends are tough to follow, but a structured ad plan will allow you to improve your marketing campaign as the year progresses.

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