5 Technological Trends To Keep Your Eye On in 2021

Written By Alla Levin
April 01, 2020

5 Technological Trends To Keep Your Eye On in 2021

It’s not a secret that tech has become an integral part of the modern world.  Added to the fast-evolving customer expectations, 2020 is set to bring some interesting tech trends that will shape the future of various industries. Here are five technological trends to put your eye on in 2020.

Technological Trends: Biometrics

As travel companies and governments continue looking for more efficient ways of identifying and authenticating guests, passengers, and visitors, you can expect to see biometrics to become a commonly adopted technology. 

Today, facial recognition and fingerprints are widely used in airports all over the world, and hotels are also starting to adopt the technology to authorize payments, improve security and speed to the checking in and out process. 

It’s important to note that gathering customer data using biometrics creates privacy concerns on how the data can be used and the people who access it.  Nonetheless, biometrics use will be a hot trend in 2020, along with Betfair offers for new customer who want to place wagers.

More Industries to Adopt Artificial Intelligence and Virtual RealityArtificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality

AI and VR are already playing a significant role in different industries, including the travel and video game market. However, the extent of what they can achieve in different sectors will be interesting to see.

Today, most travel companies are artificial intelligence to sort customer data for inventory management and analyzing business performance.  Major hotels are using virtual reality to showcase their offers online, increasing their bookings with things like interactive maps and simulated hotel tours. Soon, virtual reality will be used in a customer’s whole travel search and booking process, with the primary focus being the sustainability of all travel organizations.

Big Data

While understanding big data hasn’t been a priority for many industries, more companies now understand how this technology can improve their businesses. In the healthcare industry, companies and governments are trying to use big data to solve global problems like cancer, which require processing large sets of data.

BlockchainBlockchain technology’s

Blockchain technology’s potential has been spoken for a long time, though the true powers of this technology are yet to be discovered. Essentially, the blockchain uses a public ledger that supports information transactions among parties, distributed across a peer-to-peer network. The network is decentralized, so it enhances the security of transactions.

Augmentation gets human

The controversial human augmentation trend focuses on using technology to enhance a person’s physical and cognitive experiences. Physical augmentation changes an individual’s physical ability by hosting or implanting a device in the body or on the skin. However, not many are open to the idea yet.

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