Pet Strollers: A Beginners Buying Guide

Written By Alla Levin
May 09, 2020
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Pet Strollers: A Beginners Buying Guide

When a dog is elderly and losing some of its mobility, or it is recovering from an operation or an illness, it may well find it a challenge to move around.

There are also breeds of tiny statures, like Shih Tzus or Papillons, and others that are challenged by extreme weather, like Bulldogs and Pugs, who may need encouragement to go on long walks.

These are the sort of dogs where the best pet stroller comes into its own.

There is a broad range of reasons for dog owners getting pet strollers. They include helping:

Reasons for dog owners getting pet strollersReasons for dog owners getting pet strollers

  •         Senior dogs who find it hard to keep up with their owners and other pets.
  •         Breeds that find hot weather challenging like Boston Terriers, Bullmastiffs, and others.
  •         Young puppies who tire on walks.
  •         Dogs who are recovering after surgery.
  •         Dogs that are ill or injured.

To choose the right dog stroller for you and your dog you need to consider how you plan to use the stroller and the size of your dog by visiting

If you are in an urban area where the sidewalks are smooth and the street crossings easy to tackle then a light-weight, the portable stroller would probably be the answer.

When you are confronted with maneuvering in country roads or want to be accompanied by your dog on favorite jogging trails then you need to select a dog stroller that is designed for rough terrain.

It is recommended that solo dog walkers use strollers that fold and unfold easily to remove the possibility of too much fumbling about.

In terms of budget, you will find that strollers range in price from around $65 to $300+!

It’s important to accustom your dog as soon as possible to its stroller because once your dog is happy with its new transportation, it will be easier to have your dog with you all the time.

To get a dog used to a stroller, place it inside and reward with treats. Ensure the dog is secure. Use built-in leash clips or hold the leash.

Then start gradually to move even if it is only a foot or two, to begin with. Then little by little increase the distance.

Here are some of the reasons dog owners give for using their pet strollers

  •         Vet Visits
  •         Getting in Shape without risking the dog becoming tired
  •         Safely going to work together
  •         Taking the strain out of traveling with your pet
  •         Helping go older owners and older dogs get exercise
  •         Going to outdoor events and getting the Best Seat in the House
  •         Paw Protection
  •         Making it easier to travel with dogs
  •         Getting fresh air with no walking required
  •         Safety around dogs with aggressive tendencies.
  •         Taking a small dog with a big who needs a longer walk
  •         Keeping dogs safely away from urban traffic
  •         Less stressful getaways from extreme weather events like tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, or other emergencies.

Dog strollers give us more quality time with our dogs. It allows us to take our dogs more places than we can simply with a leash or a pet carrier.

With an increasing number of places, including stores and restaurants, becoming more dog-friendly, responsible dog owners with dogs in strollers are more likely to be welcome.

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