Reasons Morning Routines Aren’t Just Millennial Madness

Written By Alla Levin
May 13, 2020

Three Reasons Morning Routines Aren’t Just Millennial Madness

Ever since the millennial trend of mindfulness has come to the fore, articles have been cropping up all over the internet claiming that success rests on morning routines.

Such posts are chock-full of advice about the importance of ‘morning meditation’ and ‘mindful coffee habits.’

And, if all that mindfulness stuff doesn’t wash with you, the chances are that you’ve dismissed it all as clap-trap.

You’d rather squeeze in more quality sleep, right?

The thing is, while you don’t have to take the mindfulness stuff on board, morning routines offer a lot more than simple hippy benefits.

Whether you hit the meditation mat or sit in front of the morning news, developing a morning routine could help anyone in three key areas.

Keep reading to find out what they are.

# 1 – A healthier lifestyletooth extraction

You don’t need to go jogging at the crack of dawn to enjoy the health benefits of waking up earlier.

In fact, your morning routine can help your body in all manner of ways.

For one, getting up early means that you can take your time in the bathroom.

Finally, you won’t need to rush through that standard two-minute tooth-brushing session and leave yourself at risk of tooth extraction or worse.

And, of course, the chance to get a proper shower is sure to help you feel good.

Then, there’s the fact that you’ll have time to cook a breakfast that’s a little more nutritious than your standard grab-and-go option.

Within a few weeks of this, your body will surely start thanking you. 

# 2 – A professional imageReasons Morning Routines Aren't Just Millennial Madness

Even a simple morning routine can also help you to develop a more professional image.

For one, getting up with plenty of time allows you to take time over your outfit/professional image each day.

Then, of course, there’s the fact that mornings with time to spare mean you can get together anything you need for the day.

That’ll surely go down better than forgetting that USB presentation because you were in such a hurry!

As simple as that, you may find that your colleagues and boss begin to appreciate you that bit better.

# 3 – A mental boostmental boost

We may be steering clear of that mindfulness stuff, but there is a strong argument that getting up earlier in the morning also gives you a mental boost.

And, you don’t need a second of meditation to enjoy it if you don’t want to.

Still, you’ll likely find that merely allowing yourself to begin your day slowly helps you to get off on the right footing.

You’re certainly sure to feel happier here than if you rolled out of bed and straight into the car.

Morning routines might well be millennial madness, but, as you can see here, they also bring some more generic benefits.

So, even if you’ve remained skeptical until now, it’s worth giving this a go.

You never know what the changing face of your morning could do for the rest of your day!

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