3 Tedious Admin Tasks That You Can Delegate

Written By Alla Levin
May 25, 2020
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3 Tedious Admin Tasks To Delegate

Starting a business should be exciting. You finally see your dream turn into a money-making reality.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to import pipe parts from Taiwan, whether you want to start a small bakery or whether you want to start a childminding business, there will be some tedious admin tasks that you never considered.

These tasks are mind-numbingly boring and will also take up so much of your time that you will feel like you can’t get anything meaningful done.

You want to work on your business vision, your funding proposals, and your marketing policy.

Take a look at how you delegate these tedious admin tasks to free up your time.

PayrollGTM to outsource this task.

If you have a team of staff, their top priority will be getting paid on time. It’s vital that you are capable of calculating tax obligations and pension contributions.

This may mean spending two or three days a month out of your work time hunched over a calculator.

If you do not have any accountancy or payroll experience, think about getting in touch with a company like GTM to outsource this task.

By delegating payroll to an offsite company, you no longer have the stress of working out figures.

You can be certain of all financial legislation and tax laws being adhered to.

Many of these outsource companies use software packages that work out wages and pay them directly into the bank accounts of your staff.

This is ideal for freeing up some of your time.

Social MediaSocial Media

While you might be adept at updating a Twitter feed, sharing posts, and using a clever hashtag or two on Instagram, you might not want to spend hours every day updating the social media accounts of your business.

Your social media channels will be crucial aspects of your marketing policy, so it’s vital that you get it right.

Consider hiring a specialist social media manager to find your company voice and post on your behalf.

They can get your brand onto guest blogs, attract more traffic to your website, and post relevant and meaningful content to your feeds that your customer base will share.

They can enhance your niche market, and help you to create viral postings that branch out globally – perfect if you want to expand your business.

IT ServicesIT Services

If you have a small team of staff working in an office, and your IT lacks a little bit of sophistication and reliability, you may find a long queue forming at your office door on a daily basis.

The printer may continually jam, the photocopier ink may run out, and you may have constant periods of WiFi downtime.

To prevent your time being eaten up with IT troubleshooting, you need to hire an IT services firm who can work remotely to solve your staff’s problems.

These experts can be on hand 24/7 and work with you to create a safe and secure network.

They’ll enhance the reliability of your hardware and work more quickly to solve problems.

Less downtime means a more productive workforce resulting in greater revenue and profits.

Follow this guide, delegate the tedious tasks, and enjoy being a newbie entrepreneur.

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