How Mobile Apps are Shaping the Future of Sports Betting

Written By Alla Levin
June 12, 2020

How Mobile Apps are Shaping the Future of Sports Betting

There are many people who love to place a wager on big sporting fixtures. Some do this occasionally, while others will bet every day.

Regardless of this, you will no doubt have heard of mobile betting apps, and you may even have one.

These are shaping the future of sports betting, making it more accessible and easier than ever before to get involved with.

Many of the top bookmakers have an app already, and those that don’t are probably in the process of creating them, with mobile versions of their website available for the time being.

With more people turning to mobile betting, the guess is that more people will use these to bet than any other method over the coming years.

This means they will shape the future of betting, and those in the industry will put their efforts into making mobile app betting as good and easy as possible.

The Convenience of Mobile BettingThe Convenience of Mobile Betting

Ask anyone who has the option to bet using a desktop and mobile device, and they will tell you that the mobile device is more convenient.

Not only is this the case at home, but it also opens up the possibility of betting while you are away from home.

The convenience of betting has never been as good for punters, and mobile betting is the main push behind that.

The crossover of people from desktop to mobile has no doubt been helped by the bookmakers.

They have all worked very hard, not only to create their services but also to make them as close as possible to what they offer on the desktop.

This means players can use both, and move from one to the other, all without the need to learn something new. If you can use the desktop site, then you should be fine using the app.

How Technology Has Helped

The driving force behind mobile apps has been technology from the mobile industry.

Without mobile technology, there would be no mobile betting, so it is something we all have the be thankful for.

This has pushed things forward in many different ways.

The first is with the handsets themselves; the only reason we can have complex betting apps that do everything for us is that mobile companies have created phones that can handle them.

The phones coming out right now are fantastic and capable of handling pretty much any task, including betting.

Secondly, the improvements in the mobile internet have helped too.

When you are completing any task on the internet, you need a strong and stable connection, but this is even more important when money is involved.

The improvements we have seen in mobile internet give us a platform we can use, and also the confidence to use it.

The betting industry has created the mobile betting apps themselves, but they have only been able to do this thanks to helping from those creating state-of-the-art phones and those improving our mobile internet.

Mobile App Betting OffersMobile App Betting Offers

For many years, bookmakers have been funneling their players towards using a mobile app to bet with rather than on their desktop site.

This is only set to continue in the future, and we could see mobile app betting offers to become a thing if bookmakers want to speed this up.

You will find free bets and other offers available with the bookmakers right now, and these can be used by anyone and claimed on both desktop and mobile sites that they run.

This is likely to stay the same but offers for existing customers such as free bet offers and money-back specials could be limited in the future.

Could we see these be made available to mobile app customers only, in an attempt to push the final few players onto their mobile app?

Whether bookmakers do or do not do this, the likelihood is that most people will be using a mobile app anyway in the coming years.

The Future of Sports Betting: Will Anyone Use a Desktop in the Future?

This is going to make desktop betting much smaller than it is at the moment.

When internet betting was first introduced to punters, this was seen as the ultimate convenience compared to visiting a local betting shop as you didn’t need to leave the house.

However, things have changed and moved on, with desktop betting no longer seen as convenient. Those who want the ultimate convenience have to use a mobile.

Desktops are often away from the TV in many households, so even if you are betting at home, you usually cannot bet and watch at the same time.

From the comfort of your sofa, in front of a TV, you can do that with a mobile app.

There is also the chance to bet while away from home using a mobile app, something a desktop cannot compete with.

Not only is this ideal for those wanting to bet while they are out, but it also opens betting at sporting events up as a possibility.

You can be sat in the stand as a football fan, using your mobile phone to bet, and when that is available, it is no surprise that desktop betting appears to be fading away.

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