A Fascinating History of Poppers

Written By Alla Levin
June 12, 2020

A Fascinating History of Poppers

Poppers is a slang term used throughout history to refer to products that contain alkyl nitrates.

Alkyl nitrates were first time synthesized around the mid-19th century. The very name of the poppers comes from being kept in a small glass mesh.

Before opening and consuming of poppers, it was necessary to crush the pledge between the fingers.

This crushing was followed by popping sound, which became the official name among people for alkyl nitrates.

The use of poppers, throughout history, has expanded thanks to the gay community. You are probably wondering why the gay community is responsible for this?

Poppers are a buzz that is widely available on the market. It is used to raise sex drive and has a strong effect, but it is short-lived.

As we mentioned in the gay community, poppers were used and still are, because it relaxes the muscle of the anus and allows easier penetration.

However, poppers are now in widespread use among all people, regardless of sexual orientation – it is one of the best opiates related to sex.

Despite being illegal in some countries, there are available online through poppers UK suppliers for example.

Poppers, as a sex-enhancing drug, are increasingly prevalent, due to their ease of use and strong effect.

Poppers are consumed by inhalation that takes relatively short.

It can be inhaled directly from the bottle, and there is a method of placing the bottle in front of the fan, for example, used in sex brothels.

In this way, poppers are scattered through the air, and you can inhale it. Unscrew the lid, place the bottle of poppers in the space where you want to evoke the erotic atmosphere.

Poppers’ fumes will gradually fill the space. After use, screw the poppers back on.

It only takes a few seconds for poppers to “crack” you.

When you inhale a substance, the muscles relax in your body (especially the anus, which is very beneficial for the gay community).

Muscle relaxation

Muscle relaxation and overwhelming sexual desire are achieved in just ten seconds.

It is being accompanied by the spreading of blood vessels, increased heart rate, circulation increase and you also feel the heat and excitement.

Although most people experience this rush of warmth and excitement as a pleasant feeling, a few stated that they felt disoriented and uncomfortable.

The consumption of poppers can lead to the appearance of yellow skin lesions around the areas such as eyes, mouth, lips, and nose.

Occasionally, after some period of consumption, an accelerated rhythm of the heart (tachycardia) and headache may occur for none reason.

Do not use together with potentiators (Viagra, Kamagra, Cialis, Man King, etc.) as it can lead to dangerous drops of blood pressure.

Although it was exclusively represented by homosexuals in the last century, today that has changed.

Nowadays it is used by both young and old people, men and women, all over the world. Poppers are also used by people who are not exclusively interested in sex but also dancing.

Poppers create a light-headed feeling and make our senses more susceptible to sound, so its use for this purpose is increased.

About poppers have been much discussed over the last ten years, but one thing is certain.

Those who have tried sex under the influence of poppers say that there is rarely any other thing that can provoke and contribute to such a pleasant sexual experience.

And what’s the best it leaves no feeling of intoxication after consumption.

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