Crazy Facts About Weddings in Romantic and Mysterious Asia

Written By Alla Levin
June 14, 2020
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Weddings in Asia: Crazy Facts About Weddings in Romantic and Mysterious Asia

For in as much as lovers have been getting wedded, the rites and practices of their traditions have acted a crucial part in their marriage commemorations.

As time moves ahead and families fuse, these customs sustain culture and are an excellent opportunity to rejoice a couples’ religion and faith.

In fact, several folklores that are still consolidated into celebrations today are assumed to be hundreds (if not thousands) of years old.

But few of the most astonishing and fascinating traditions to have endured the test of time, have grown out of romantic and mysterious Asia. 

From Japan to China and India to Indonesia, the Far East is a haven to a beautifully full and rich variety of customs, beliefs, and religions.

This article reveals some of the wedding rituals and traditions still striking in Asia.

Here are some.

China: The Bride Cries Before the Wedding

Wedding arrangements are unusual throughout traditions, but this distinct Chinese custom is pretty severe.

Based on the Fuji legend, brides should cry for one month before their wedding. Yes, you read that accurately.

A traditional Chinese folkway requires one long month before the marriage, where the bride ought to weep on purpose for one hour every day. 

One week after, the bride’s mother will participate—two weeks in; her grandmother joins in. And lastly, the sisters of the bride.

The system is intended to imply absolute delight towards the forthcoming matrimonies.

On the union day, a tearful marriage song should be sung, and the bride will be assessed on how elegantly she can do this.

Are these a pre-sport to play for a wedded life or some crazy facts

South Korea: Hitting the Groom’s Feet

Backing their wedding commemorations, various South Korean grooms are enslaved to a specific ritual before leaving and living with their new wives.

This ritual is the beating or hitting of their feet. 

The groom’s family members and groomsmen remove his shoes and tie his ankles with string or rope before taking turns to hit his feet with a dried fish or stick.

Although clearly painful, the rites are over fast and intended to be more engaging than a deed of suffering.

As the groom is usually tested and investigated during the action – the beating is designated as a test of the newly married husband’s character and strength.

Indonesia: Literally Staying TogetherWeddings in Asia

Devoting the first three days restricted to their place together seems sweet for Indonesian grooms and brides in Borneo—besides the reality that the purpose of this custom is to hold the newlyweds from going to the bathroom to grow their bond (plus, their bladders!).

In Tidong tradition, not following the observance is stated to smear the groom and bride with bad fortune, often ending in adultery, their separation, or the loss of their children’s lives.

Philippines: Pinning of Money on the BridePhilippines Weddings in Asia

Have you ever fantasized about dancing to the music of a thousand dollars pouring down on you?

Well, in this unusual but enjoyable wedding tradition from the Philippines, the newlywed does precisely that. 

While the groom and bride do their own thing on the dancefloor, friends, family, and other loved fellows pin paper money all over their hair, clothes, and even shoes! 

It may seem ridiculous, mainly if your buddies have planned a scepter, a crown, and a sash made of cash! 

Weddings in Asia: Final Thoughts on Wedding Traditions

Weddings are usually loaded with fun and unusual traditions. However, when you genuinely examine the history of specific customs, you may discover they are reasonable. 

As common as it may seem to us, it must be mysterious for other areas when they hear or discover about this.

Of course, people have their personal views as to what’s lucky or unlucky.

And a wedding, being a critical tradition, some countries just go fiercely when it comes to crazy and weird customs.

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