Throwing a Party on a Budget

Written By Alla Levin
July 10, 2020

Throwing a Party on a Budget

Be it for a birthday, anniversary, graduation celebration, or just because you can, throwing a good party doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of money.

There are plenty of ways to put on a great event without burning a hole in your wallet.

Here are some suggestions on how to throw a party on a budget.

Shop around for discount party supplies

Getting the right supplies for the party can totally make or break an event. Whether its party favors for guests or cups and plates for food and drink, you need to have enough supplies to last the whole night.

Online shopping can mean that you get additional discounts on the things that you need, especially by using coupons like this Party City coupon for party city deals and promo codes.

Create a list of supplies that you need before going shopping.

That will help quicken the time you spend shopping and ensure that you don’t forget to buy any essential items.

Ask guests to bring a plate of food

Good food is the key to a great party, but you don’t have to be responsible for preparing everything.

Pot-luck dinners are the perfect way to keep down costs.

Ask each guest to bring a plate of their own choosing, whether that be a starter course, a main, or even a dessert.

Make sure that no one is bringing the same dish so that you don’t get two of the same.

Send out invites online

Working out who to invite to the party can be difficult, particularly when the person for whom you are planning the event has lots of people who they would consider close friends and loved ones.

Be strict on numbers since you might be the one responsible for paying for it all.

If everyone that you want to invite is on Facebook, create an event page, and invite all the guests to save money on paper invitations.

A Facebook event is a great way to tally guests and update those who are coming with necessary information like start times, venue changes, and what to bring.

Make your own decorations

Decorations are vital if you’re throwing a party with a specific theme, like a fancy dress.

You may want to think about making your own DIY decorations from scratch rather than purchasing them new.

That could be an Insta-worthy wall to take photos in front of, glitter banners to hang up around the venue, or paper lanterns to light up the event when the sun goes down.

Let party guests help

And finally, don’t say no to letting party guests help.

When they ask you what they can bring with them, don’t say “just bring yourself.” Instead, ask them to bring a bottle of their favorite alcohol like wine or spirits.

This means that not only will your guests have a supply of their favorite beverage to drink, but you will save costs on the expensive alcohol run.

Being able to throw a great party on a budget is a good thing to know for when you’re given the role of a party planner.

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