Types of Law Firms
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Different Types of Law Firms and How They Can Help You

Some firms specialize in certain areas of the law like Gallian defense firm is specialized in handling sexual assault cases and covers other areas also such as Federal defense, Incident assault.

Law firms are typically broken into different sizes, such as by areas of jurisdiction, by legal topics such as tax and family law (specialists in divorce come into this bracket), as well as the kind of practice. Different practices include litigation, transactional, or criminal defense.

Depending on the issues you need legal advice on, you’ll have to find a firm that can best represent you in the topic. Choose the right lawyer by following some of these tips: https://hirealawyer.findlaw.com/choosing-the-right-lawyer.html.

Single Attorney

These kinds of practices are run by a solo lawyer who handles the majority of cases – an example of such a practice is the one run by Jennifer Croker. They might have administration and finance employees to help run the show. They may even have one or two additional lawyers to help handle cases. But when it comes to legal matters, the solo attorney will be the star of the show.

Generally, these kinds of firms will likely be available in only certain cities or towns. Generally, these kinds of firms are able to handle a variety of topics, from family to injury law. They are also much more flexible when it comes to hiring outside help from legal and paralegal experts for assistance.

Hiring a solo attorney will be much cheaper than going to a company with multiple lawyers. You’ll also receive much more focused and personal attention in your case than you would with a bigger firm. They are perfect for solo clients with smaller legal matters. On the flip side, these companies don’t always have as much experience or resources to ensure a successful outcome.

Attorneys by Practice AreaAttorneys by Practice Area

Some attorneys would rather focus on specific areas of expertise where they can build experience to represent their clients to an optimal level. You can hire a firm specializing in practice areas for specific legal issues. A quick visit to their website will inform you of the areas they can help you with.

There is no need to ask if they can help you in an area they aren’t advertising. Firms like Frederick | Ganderton LLP can offer their clients a variety of specialized practice area services.

Whether it’s DUI/Traffic-related cases, civil litigation, criminal cases, sexual assault victim representation, personal injury cases, or accident cases, they’ve got you covered. Some practice area attorneys will only specialize in one topic. The most common single areas to specialize in are divorce, personal injury, and criminal cases.

Full-Service FirmsTypes of Law Firms

These companies are large in size and can have dozens of attorneys and other employees or even thousands of staff that can include human resource specialists, administrative employees, lawyers, paralegals, librarians, and many more. These professionals will also know their way around any unusual laws and regulations that may come up in litigation.

A full-service firm can exist in different countries, states, and cities. They are making themselves available all across the board to their clients. Clients will typically include bigger companies, high-stake entities, and organizations that need a big team to represent them on different legal issues over many practice areas. Cases typically include large-scale litigation, white-collar crimes in criminal defense matters, and business acquisitions or mergers.

Criminal Law Firms

A criminal defense attorney typically specializes in criminal law. They will be able to represent private clients who can afford their own defense team. Those who can’t afford their own criminal defense lawyer will have to be represented by a public defender.

Cases generally include DUIs, security fraud, theft, sexual assault, probation violations, drug charges, and abuse, among other things. Lawyers within these firms are very knowledgeable and skilled about procedures and laws within the criminal sector.

Hiring a private criminal attorney definitely has its perks since they have great relationships with judges and other lawyers in the sector. Because of their experience, they will be able to reduce serious penalties against the defender that is associated with criminal charges.

Because of its nature, criminal cases provide some of the most interesting stories that can be re-enacted on television. Read this for interesting personal stories shared by lawyers from around the world.

Transactional FirmsTypes of Law Firms

If you want legal advice regarding the business transaction, then a transactional firm is where you have to go. Transactional firms are responsible for overseeing business transactions that include evaluation of business ventures, the structure of a business, and other business-related contracts. They can also offer other services to business owners that include the transactional set up of employee benefits and tax.

This job usually requires heavy amounts of paperwork to set the outlines of all business transactions. It’s important that business owners seek transactional firms for drafting-intense work. This will only cover all parts of the business in the future.

Types of Law Firms: Litigation FirmsLitigation Firms

Litigation lawyers deal with civil disputes, the judicial process, and criminal cases. These cases are typically represented in court by the defense and opposition. They need to have excellent knowledge of the country’s criminal law and will be able to represent their clients in heavy court cases.

If you are going through a divorce, then a litigation firm is the perfect fit for you. Know what to expect from a divorce attorney by reading this: https://www.familyeducation.com/life/choosing-divorce-lawyer/what-your-divorce-lawyer-should-be-doing-when

Even though there are countless firms available in your area, it’s still important that you consider key factors before hiring them. Your legal team should be able to give you great advice, as well as ensure the best possible outcome for any charges against you. No matter what legal issue you have, there is a law firm that will be able to help you out.

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Alla Levin

Hi, I’m Alla, a Seattle business and lifestyle content creator who can’t get enough of business innovations, arts, not ordinary people and adventures. My mission is to help you grow in your creativity, travel the world, and live life to the absolute fullest!


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