Enhance Marketing Strategy with Vinyl Printing

Written By Alla Levin
September 22, 2020
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Enhance Your Marketing Strategy with Vinyl Printing

How to enhance marketing strategy? Vinyl printing is a tried and tested marketing strategy that’s proven to be very effective in various settings. One of the great things about this method of marketing is that it’s so versatile.

It’s also super easy to work with and isn’t particularly expensive. The other major advantage of vinyl printing is that it can be easily customized to suit the individual’s needs. Pretty much anyone wanting to advertise their business can benefit from the likes of vinyl printing. It’s not just limited to those who have bricks and mortar businesses either. Here are some of the many ways to enhance marketing strategy; you can use vinyl printing to promote your business:


Whether they’re applied to a car or van, or a shop front, window graphics are among the most popular and widely used forms of vinyl printing. With vinyl window graphics, you can literally have anything you like printed upon your window, whether it’s a company logo, a promotional message, or simply the business’s name. They’re a good way to grab people’s attention, and you can still see out the window.

Enhance Marketing Strategy: Flooring

Having vinyl graphics printed on your shop or office floor is another great marketing strategy that’s both innovative and cool. These can be put pretty much anywhere, including stairs, and are ideal for leading customers towards a particular promotion.

WallsVinyl Printing

In addition to both windows and floors, walls are another area vinyl stickers work well. These can be either temporary or permanent and are great for making announcements or promoting new items. Company logos can also look really good when up on the wall in a funky vinyl print. Vinyl printing is a tried and tested marketing strategy that’s proven to very effective in a variety of settings.


These were some of the very first forms of vinyl printing that are still used widely today. The main reasons people tend to use vinyl printed banners are that they’re durable and inexpensive. Most of them can be rolled up, wiped down, and repeatedly reused (depending on the content). And, they’re good at catching people’s attention while they’re on the move.


Forgetting bricks and mortar, floors, or cars, clothing is another area where vinyl printing can really make a difference. Whether it’s uniforms that are worn all the time or simply those used in some team-building exercise, why not have some fun with vinyl printing?

Enhance Marketing Strategy: Tips on How to Apply Vinyl to Hard Surfaces

Now that you have an idea as to some of the various areas that vinyl printing that can be used, the following are a few tips on how best to apply it:

  1. Slow and steady wins the race. When it comes to applying vinyl anywhere, you want to be the tortoise, not the hare. Rushing the application process of vinyl printing will only end in two ways: disaster and having to re-do it.
  2. Prep your station. Get everything you need to do the job laid out in front of you before you begin. This should include a damp cloth, spray water full of water; a squeegee; and a scalpel or craft knife. Then, the first step is to clean the surface thoroughly you intend to put the vinyl on. Applying vinyl to a dirty window or another surface not only looks bad, but it will lessen its ability to stay put.
  3. Line her up. Before you attempt to peel away the vinyl’s backing, make sure you know first where it needs to be stuck. Suppose you can mark the area with some erasable pen or masking tape first, then even better. Once you know where it’s going, gently peel away just a small part of the backing, then line up the exposed edge to where it needs to be on the surface.
  4. Press and rub. As soon as you’re all lined up, push the vinyl’s exposed edge onto the surface, rubbing it slowly with the squeegee as you do. Then, carefully work your way over the rest of the vinyl, little by little, pressing it down as you go along. If any air bubbles form, re-lift that area and lay down flat again. For any that are present at the end, pierce them with a needle and rub down gently.
  5. For larger pieces. Use water and washing up liquid when working with larger pieces of vinyl. This will give you more leeway if you make a mistake.

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