Reasons Why a Good Night’s Sleep Is Important

Written By Alla Levin
February 01, 2021
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Reasons Why a Good Nights Sleep Is Important

More often than not, we tend to ignore sleep’s role in maintaining the body’s balance and well-being. Human beings have grown to become incredibly busy. We are always on a clock, moving around in haste and rushing to finish our work and daily chores.

We hardly have time to catch a breather, let alone sleeping for eight whole hours at night. As such, our mental and physical health have learned to take a beating, and we have made our peace with whatever scraps of time we have left for ourselves.

However, this has also made us extremely cranky and left us feeling frustrated with life. And the inability to sleep well at night has a lot to contribute to this direction that our collective lives have taken. Therefore, it becomes more important than ever to ponder the need for a good night’s rest. That said, in the article that we have here today, we shall look at a few reasons why a good night’s rest is essential for our body and mind.

Helps in Enhancing Our Productivity and Concentration

In the early 2000s, scientists conducted several experiments to study the effects of sleep deprivation on human beings. Studies have concluded that sleep has its ties with several brain functions like concentration, productivity, and cognition. It has been noted that people who slept well at night could concentrate better, be more productive at work, and had improved cognitive skills.

They were even more likely to make good decisions and stick with them without any apprehensions. However, people who could not get enough sleep at night suffered from poor concentration and had lower output at work, and suffered from a lack of proper cognitive skills.

Another study showed that sleep patterns in children could directly determine their behavior and academic performance. Children who got enough rest at night were more likely to perform better than those who did not sleep well.

Good Nights Sleep: Helps in Lowering the Risk of Weight Gain

This might come to you as a surprise, but people who slept well at night were indeed less likely to become obese and gain unhealthy weight. Several studies made over time have linked poor sleep patterns with obesity. Though a lack of sleep might not be directly related to weight gain in an individual, it definitely affects a person’s lifestyle, resulting in weight gain.

A person who does not sleep well at night might not want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Frequently drinking alcohol, binging on carbs, and leading a sedentary life might be some of the sleeplessness ramifications. Therefore, though recent studies have shown that several other factors lead to weight gain in an individual, it cannot be refuted that a lack of sleep results in developing several ill habits that might, in turn, lead to obesity.

Helps in Cultivating Better Social and Emotional Intelligence

Sleep has also been linked to an individual’s social and emotional intelligence. It has been studied that one who does not get enough sleep at night might have difficulty recognizing other people’s emotions. On the other hand, someone who slept well is more likely to foster better social relationships and cater to other people’s emotions and expressions. Sleep helps in enhancing one’s emotional intelligence and aids them to form better relationships.

Human beings are gregarious animals, and they need to stay in a community to live a wholesome life. It has been found that people who sleep better form better connections and have better social skills. They also interact well with others and build healthy relationships in a community.

More often than not, many find it difficult staying awake without caffeine when they have a project to work on or an exam to take the next morning. They seek refuge in caffeinated drinks to pull an all-nighter and take care of whatever job they are tasked with. However, going about a night without sleeping does more harm than good. These people often find themselves feeling drowsy during an important meeting or an exam. And this further makes them cranky and spoils their relationship with others. And that is why a good night’s sleep is essential.

Good Nights Sleep: Summing Up

Thus, from the discussion that ensued in this article, it can be stated that unperturbed sleep at night is essential for more than one reason. A good night’s rest helps improve concentration, increase productivity at work, aids in maintaining a balanced lifestyle, and help an individual foster healthy relationships in society.

Plus, sleep also helps in abating the symptoms of various mental health disorders like depression and anxiety. Staying awake all night with the help of caffeine and energy drinks might help one in the short-run. However, for an individual to live a holistic life, it is important to sleep well at night and give the body the required rest.

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