Renting An Apartment In Denver
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Renting An Apartment In Denver, Colorado

If you’re looking to move to Denver, whether it’s for work, family, or pleasure, you’re in for a treat. Set among the Rocky Mountains that sit above 10,000 feet, Colorado is home to the world’s largest flat-top mountain. Nestled inside Colorado are many other beautiful and interesting features, such as being home to the world’s largest and deepest natural hot springs. Whatever your reason for moving, you’re probably looking for tips to make your move easier. Well, you’re in the right place! Here are 6 tips for renting an apartment in Denver.

Opt for a furnished apartment

Moving to an unfurnished apartment can be daunting, so choosing a furnished unit like the ones offered by the many serviced apartment providers in the city means you’re going to have a shorter moving checklist. With a ready-to-go apartment, you don’t need to consider planning utilities, furniture, and transporting preparations in advance. Given lockdown restrictions and backlogged logistics, there is now added appeal to arriving at a ready-to-go space. So if you’re new to the area, or you’re relocating from afar and can’t bring your furniture with ease, you can choose from a range of apartment rentals in Denver that are already furnished for your convenience. 

Set a budget

Not everyone has the same monthly budget for rent, and that’s completely understandable. When moving anywhere, let alone Denver, you need to think about what kind of account you have, and not only for ongoing monthly rent! Think about other expenses in your life that may affect your budgets, such as a gym membership, transport to work, and even leisurely costs such as nights out. Factor all of this in before choosing an apartment so you can live comfortably and not struggle to make rent each month. Using a serviced apartment provider means you can save money on buying furniture and even other expenses such as a gym membership or laundry services.

Find an ideal location

Everyone has neighborhood preferences. It’s something you should definitely think about! Take a drive around the city to find neighborhoods or areas you can see yourself living in and make a note of places you don’t like. This way, when you’re talking to your realtor or using a website to locate your apartment, you can avoid areas you don’t like and hone in on neighborhoods you do.

It would help if you also thought about other aspects of choosing the right location to move to. It would help if you thought about how close you are to work, schools, and other amenities you’ll need, such as the grocery store. You can quickly check online with serviced apartment providers how close in proximity specific locations are to everything you’ll need.

Check for in-building features

An often overlooked aspect of apartment hunting is the in-building features to look for. While you may be happy with a stunning apartment in a lovely building, you’ll want to consider the entire offering, including amenities and location. You might consider looking for features such as air conditioning, pets allowed, in-house laundry, housekeeping, or even a doorman. Other niceties like an on-site gym, pool, or roof deck with BBQs can’t be overlooked. Again, going through furnished apartment providers like Blueground, you can easily find all of the features you’ll need or simply want in your life in Denver!

Renting An Apartment In Denver: Explore your renting capabilities

One of the downsides of renting any property is that once you’ve signed a contract, you’re bound to it until the contract’s end. However, apartment rental companies can offer lots of flexibility. For example, should you wish to move to an apartment with fewer or more bedrooms or in a different part of the city, you’ll be able to do so with the same service agreement.

Not only that, but you can rent for any length of period you’d like from a month upwards – there’s no maximum time you can stay! That means if you only need two and a half month’s worth of housing, you’ll only pay for those exact number of days rather than a full three months. You can agree upon a length of time with your apartment provider and even extend that length of time if you wish to!

View before signingwant in your life in Denver!

Finally, like with all properties, you should always view properties before making a final decision. While pictures and videos may look fantastic, physically viewing apartments will allow you to get a better feel of what it’s going to be like to live there – not to mention checking out other features such as wardrobe sizes!

Some housing providers like Blueground have recently uploaded video tours and 3D models of their furnished apartments online in the age of lockdown restrictions or only for the benefit of out-of-town tenants. Otherwise, book a viewing so that you can make an informed decision about renting an apartment in Denver.

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