5 Medium Length Haircuts to Rock This Year

Written By Alla Levin
February 12, 2021

5 Medium Length Haircuts to Rock This Year

Among the many challenges we faced during the lockdown, one of them was getting a professional haircut! You had to face a serious decision about what to do with your hair to adapt to these unusual times. To get around this, you probably either buzzed it completely or just resigned and let it grow to an incredible length. The pandemic has proven to be an opportunity for many men to experiment with new lengths and looks.

Given that we are bound to wear a mask for a long time from now on and that you will probably have to try new hairstyling tricks, we thought we would come up with a couple of suggestions that will help you embrace medium length hair!

Classic Flow Haircut

The “Flow” haircut is one of the classiest layered haircuts for men in the hairstyle universe! You can count on it to give you that perfect ear-length shape that will frame your face. No matter if you have straight or curly hair, this cut allows your strands to reveal they are natural texture.

Medium Mullet Haircut with Up-swept Quiff

As shocking as it may be, the Mullet is making a major come-back in 2021! If you are a trend follower in all things hair, then you can give this daring cut a try. It is the easiest way to preserve a medium-length and you can style it however you want it.

All it takes is a bit of care and a gentle blow-dry after you showered to make the front strands maintain that amazing volume! Add a bit of fixating hair spray and you are ready to flaunt those locks! Oh, and don’t forget the leather jacket to complete an authentic ‘70s aesthetic!

Slick-back Medium Length Haircut for Men


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If you are not sure how to style medium length hair, you are about to find out the easiest, coolest look: a slick-back! This greasy hairstyle is sure to keep those five-inch strands away from your face and bring an extra shiny appearance! Like this, your facial features will be what takes center stage! You can even leave one or two strands to fall on the side for a negligent look.

Curly Medium Hairstyle With Messy Styling


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The most important thing about curls is that they need space and room to grow and expand to reveal their fantastic shapes. They need extra length and weight to unfold their potential. This medium curly haircut has the timeless elegance of the great modern classics that will make you resemble a Greek God!

Medium Long Dreadlocks

If you aim to make a statement by how you wear your hair or want to change from your typical hairstyle, dreadlocks are a great way to achieve this. Medium-long dreadlocks are easy to wear for a long time once you install them. You are safe to rock this medium length hairstyle for a whole year or even more. Once they grow and their weight starts to take a toll on the roots, you can twist them in a bun on top of your head. So many great options!

Medium Length Haircuts: Rock On

Unlike short or long haircuts for men, a medium length will help you acquire that optimal volume and texture for your locks, bringing the focus towards your facial features. It’s not just a transitional look, it can be a permanent change. It’s a great way of differentiating yourself from others by sporting a cool length. No other haircut is super diverse and super impressive as a medium length hairstyle for men that can make your appearance one of a kind!

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