Want a Relaxing Bath? Then You Need These 3 Products

Written By Alla Levin
February 26, 2021

Want a Relaxing Bath? Then You Need These 3 Products

There is nothing better than settling into a relaxing bath after a long day. Baths are awesome at resting our aching bones and helping us get revitalized and prepared for another day.  And sure, you could always hop into a bath, get clean, and get on with your life. But why would you want to when you could spend a little extra time to make your bath a luxurious experience?

Keep reading to find out how to up your bath game!

Set the Mood With Candles

The first thing you should do when preparing your bath is set the stage. What is a luxurious bath without the soft ambiance of a flickering candle from Match Fragrance?

If you’re looking for something simple, get a few tower candles and line your tub with them. Make sure you put something underneath them because colorful wax can sometimes stain porcelain. If you want to spice things up a little bit, look for candles that have special surprises hidden inside them. Some companies sell candles with mystery rings hidden in the wax!

Get Sudsy With It

When it comes to what to put in your bath, your options are limitless. You could stick with something classic like a rich bubble bath. Many bubble bath formulas are made to help your skin feel hydrated and refreshed after your bath.

In recent years, bath bombs have become more popular. Bath bombs are colorful balls made of a fizzy solution that will fill your bath with vibrant colors, delectable smells, and ingredients that will leave your skin feeling baby soft. There are even some bath bombs that have special prizes hidden inside as well.

When you’re in the bath, make sure you’re using a body wash that is free of phthalates and parabens, as these can be harmful to your skin.

Bathtime Fun

Once you’re in the bath, surrounded by your candles and the smell of your bath bombs, you could always close your eyes and relax. But if you’re the kind of person who hates sitting still, you don’t have to spend your whole bath fidgeting.

Bring in your favorite book or use a bath tray to set up your laptop and turn on some Netflix! If that doesn’t appeal to you, you could always turn on some relaxing music. White noise and lo-fi beats are great for letting your mind wander without putting too much pressure on yourself.

You could also find some adult toys for her to spice up your bathtime too. Make sure whatever toy you buy is water safe, and don’t forget to clean it afterward!

Settle In With a Relaxing Bath

Now you know what you need to settle in for a nice, relaxing bath. Gather up your things, put on some relaxing music, and prepare yourself to relax and let go of the day’s worries! For more information on living well, keep reading!

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