Earn Right After Graduation
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Want To Earn Right After Graduation? Here Are 6 Ways To Get Your Dream Job As A Fresher

Congratulations! You have worked really hard to reach the place you are now. Graduation is probably the toughest hurdle you faced in your academic career, and you have successfully cleared it or will soon clear it.

However, if you do not prepare yourself well, you can face more challenges in the days to come. Hence, to get your dream job after graduation, you need to be methodical and know the industry well. Read this article to discover the top six things smart graduates do to get their dream job as a fresher.

Create An Impeccable Resume

A resume introduces you and your skills to the recruiter. Usually, recruiters get double or triple the number of applications for each vacant position. A well-designed resume sets you apart from the crowd and helps the recruiter to pick the right candidate.

At times, freshers make the cardinal mistake of sending the same resume to all employers. As a smart graduate, you should avoid committing such mistakes. You should instead tweak your resume to match the requirements of the job.

For example, if you find jobs in Ranchi using Apna, you should know the job description and company’s location properly.

If the company is located in a remote place, your resume should mention the special traits which would enable you to take up the role. Remember, a recruiter will call you for the interview only when they are satisfied with your resume.

Another thing that you need to attach to the resume is a cover letter. A cover letter is a brief introductory letter containing details like your skills, interests, and eligibility for the job. It enables the recruiter to get a sneak peek into your profile.

Bag An Internshipfind jobs in Ranchi using Apna

An internship is the best way to experience the corporate environment first-hand. You can choose any field and company, depending on your skills and requirements, and request them to take you as an intern. An internship may be free or paid.

Sometimes, the company you are engaged with as an intern may even hire you if they find your performance satisfactory. Try to maintain rapport with your supervisor and the HR manager, as their review play a major role in deciding your future.

An internship can help you in more than one way. It can help you choose the right company. You can also find out whether the sector or the industry is appropriate for you or not. You can get into an internship to find your strengths and weakness. You can also use it to analyze your shortcomings and fill them up before going for on or off-campus placements.

Moreover, an internship can help you find your niche. If you realize that you are not suited to work in the industry after working for a few months, you can change it and comfortably choose an alternative career.

Make A List Of Your Preferred Jobs And Companies

An excellent way to approach a job is by researching as many jobs and companies as you can. Several websites make job-hunting easier. You can upload your profile, browse various positions, and apply for jobs. In the corporate world, relevant work experience is everything. If you know the job role, company, and the industry inside out, nobody can stop you from succeeding.

LinkedIn is another good way to research companies and job profiles. You can find professionals in your field of interest and make them your mentor. Interact with them as frequently as you can to get an insight into the industry and the job role.

Earn Right After Graduation: Never Miss An OpportunityEarn Right After Graduation Never Miss An Opportunity

As a fresher, your eyes and ears need to be open at all times. Leverage your networking skills to target potential jobs and meet the recruiter as soon as you can. Remember, wasted time may be a lost opportunity.

Many companies have a career section on their website. However, in most cases, uploading your resume to their web-portal will not bear any fruit. Alternatively, you can find out the email address of the HR Manager and message personally.

As a fresher, you can also attend entrepreneurship events, seminars, and conferences to interact with employers and stay updated about the latest happenings. The more updated your knowledge is, the better will be your chances of getting selected.

Prepare For The Interview

A job interview is more than what meets your eye. It is the most challenging hurdle you will ever face in your life. So, you need to prepare for it much in advance. The best way to prepare for job interviews is by attending mock-interviews. Check YouTube, scour the internet, meet professionals, and find questions that are the most crucial. Find out someone who share the same passions and practice interview. Besides knowledge, an interview also tests your body language and tone of voice. You should read more and watch real interviews to sharpen your skills.

Sometimes, interacting with an employer before the real interview can make you more confident about the job role and help you frame answers. Job sites often allow you to interact with the recruiter before appearing for the final round. However, if you cannot schedule such meetings, it is wise to read as much as you possibly can about the company.

Earn Right After Graduation: Do Not Lose Hopeapplication to an HR Manager

For a fresher, life may or may not be a bed of roses. Be mentally prepared to handle rejections. Use every opportunity to improve yourself. Sometimes, you may send a forced application to an HR Manager, only to find that there is no response from the other end. The key to success is perseverance. Follow up to ensure that your profile does not get lost in the pile of resumes. When you are genuinely passionate about a job role or a company, you will stay put, and that will improve your chances of selection.

Earn Right After Graduation: In Closing

As a fresher, you can find a hundred different ways to get a job. However, if you want the easiest option, find jobs on Apna.co and similar online platforms. These portals match your profile with thousands of job openings, thereby simplifying the task of finding recruiters.

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