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Top 10 Must-Have Features for Making a Google Friendly WordPress Website

Our digital dependence has extremely boomed in this decade specifically. While most of us reach out to Google for seeking varied kinds of information in this era of technological advancement, it has become a more significant challenge for the website owners to remain in the top searches of Google. Thus it becomes extremely crucial for the website owners to incorporate maximum useful website features and plan to stay in the top three Google search results to achieve the maximum.

It is often seen that most of us click the first two to three links that appear in front of them when they Google the desired. Therefore, a website needs to remain in top organic searches for which it needs a few essential features to be essentially there in the website. For this, it is required to update your outdated platform, which contains out-of-date information. It must always be running in your mind as to how to make an excellent website? You don’t have to panic. All you need to do is take a deep breath and plan for all the features and functionalities your website must contain.

The fact that all the websites require the same kind of planning and implementation strategies is not true. But there are certain basics which we can safely say are suitable for all the platforms. To ascertain a good position in Google search results is among the top concerns of website owners.

Based on thorough research, we have prepared a complete guide to including certain web features that Google will love to see on your website. Let’s quickly jump- in and understand the same in a detailed manner.

SSL Encryption is the backbone

Consumers are incredibly aware as well as concerned regarding security in the digital sphere. They exercise this concern strictly while browsing online and checking out your website. In this way, SSL Certificates’ importance also encompasses security as cybercriminals worldwide cause a lot of financial loss to the website owners throughout the world. With the increasing malicious activities, it is essential to employ SSL security certificates. It indicates whether the site is HTTP or HTTPS.

Nowadays, several SSL Certificates are available in the market like a Single Domain SSL Certificate, Multi-Domain SAN SSL, Wildcard SSL Certificates, EV SSL, Organization Validation Certificate. It needs thorough research and deep understanding to choose anyone from them. These certificates should only be bought from reliable providers.

Google Friendly WordPress Website: Readable content to focus on!Wildcard SSL Certificates

It is not just the website’s layout or the technical structure that should be up to the mark, but your website’s content is equally essential. A website with unreliable and vague content, failing to serve the users’ needs, is often neglected by Google. Such websites tend to underperform in the Google Ranking and achieve SEO. It is the accuracy and precision in the content that makes it reach go wider.

Even the statistics suggest that search engines prioritize the content with detailed content and more in-depth explanation rather than filled with random information. Hence, they reach the audience excessively, which is the website owners’ primary objectives and those who create that content. The content should not only be authentic but regular too. The websites that post regularly received a better response from the viewers than those who post in a long time.

Quality images to attract the viewers

It is not just the content accuracy that matters; the imagery holds central importance as well. It will not be acceptable to use poor-quality images while wondering how to make an excellent website. The images should not only be appropriate, relatable to the content but of high quality too. Low-quality images often give out unclear messages and make your content fail in reaching its desired reach. Today, people rely significantly on images before buying anything as it gives them a clear idea about the product or service. In extension to the same, Google also prefers the content with good quality images and videos attached.

No broken links for the ease of usersNo broken links for the ease of users

For a good user experience, the website must do well from the functional aspect. Broken links that make the users reach dead ends cause disappointment and frustration to the users. This ruins their experience, and Google catches the same fact. All the efforts you make while giving a new form to your website and doing well SEO-wise will count only when you pay attention to your links.

In case you find a link on your website that is not working correctly, it should be checked immediately and fixed accordingly. Otherwise, it will affect your Google ranking, and all the website owners are well aware of its importance in the market.

Website speed could be your Achilles heel!

It isn’t easy to catch the attention of the readers in the fast-paced world. This posed an impact on the tendency of humans while they operate in the digital sphere too. Good website features include a website that is quick to load and respond fast. In a world where people open two to three links to find out the information, it is usually seen that no matter how good the content is, the website that does not respond immediately is often ignored. In this way, the website should be speedy, and this can also be assessed by the Google tools, which affect the ranking of websites in turn.

A mobile responsive websiteA mobile responsive website

Today the primary way of searching the content is through smartphones. Smartphones have occupied cardinal space in all our lives. Google considers this fact as well. It should be a fact in the mind of the website designers or the experts that they are seeking help from. Even the ranking for mobile-friendly platforms is separate from Google.

Google provides separate utility tools to get a reality check if your websites are smartphone-friendly or not. Suppose your website fails to achieve that satisfactory level. In that case, it should be the owners’ primary responsibility to make their website reach that level by incorporating mobile responsiveness.

Google Friendly WordPress Website: Connected to Google Search Console

To make the website better for the clients’ use, it is essential to link it to the Google Search Console as you will get a broad idea as to how they view your website. Uploading a site map is mandatory in this context. It is considered an essential tool in today’s era as it gives you a picture of the queries surfacing and the click-through frequency based on that, which defines your influence level. It also shows you if there’s any major problem with the site to plan the solution accordingly. The action is completely free, which makes it a win-win.

Google Friendly WordPress Website: Sitemaps, Robots.txt, Canonical Tags, and Pagination as essential elementsGoogle Friendly WordPress Website

Sitemaps are crucial as they function to explain to Google how to index all the site pages. These are varied, but Google’s core fact preference to the sitemaps cannot be ignored. Robots.txt was involved conventionally in regulating how search engine robots crawled the webpages, accessed, indexed content, and ultimately delivered the content to users.

But these days, canonical tags are used to imply that the copy of the content is accurate and pass on the links appropriately. Wherever there is almost similar or similar information on the website, it is required to use these kinds of tags to gain priority on Google.

The deals mentioned above show how the information is appropriately divided into different website pages, but there is a need to specify further that the content is not copied. This is where Pagination is essential.

Pay attention to Title and Meta Descriptions

Though Google claims that ranking remains unaffected with the Title and Meta description attached to the content, it is essential in attracting the readers towards the content. The title is the first thing that a reader comes across, which makes him dive- into the content. An ideal title should not exceed 60 characters anyhow, and the Meta description should be somewhere between 150 to 160 characters. Longer and shorter ones often do not receive the expected response from Google.

It is usually suggested to provide the Titles and Meta description on your own otherwise, it is pulled out and displayed by Google from your content which may or may not essentially contain the gist of what you want to convey. The title should be appropriately chosen as it should reflect the content in a proper manner. The title and Meta description both should be grammatically correct.

Maintain the social profileGoogle Friendly WordPress Website

It is seen that Google and other popular search engines prioritize the websites and platforms with a link on social media platforms. The websites should be so designed that they can be shared on social media to increase their reach.

This will eventually affect your ranking on Google organic search. Websites also get a larger audience through social media. Most of us are active on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and there is no better way to make your site popular than to keep an edge on such platforms.

Your website’s content should be so created that it becomes easy for people to share on various social media platforms to share it among themselves. It is usually essential for the B2B business firms as it is cardinal for them to share stuff with people on social media platforms.

Google Friendly WordPress Website: Conclusion

As the good website features are central to the business in the key field, the Google ranking also accompanies the same. There are various modern tools and technologies that you can utilize today to stay on top of your game; it is essential to keep in mind the basics.

Some of the primary factors mentioned above can help you in the same direction. Using SSL Certificates, keeping the content accurate, Pagination, fixing the broken links will help you immensely. Through careful planning, one can employ the amalgamation of the basic features and find the suitable ones to score top rankings on Google.

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