Magento PWA Storefront is the Most Advanced eCommerce Frontend Platform

Written By Alla Levin
March 18, 2021
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Magento PWA Storefront is the Most Advanced eCommerce Frontend Platform

Progressive Web Apps are one of the hottest concepts in eCommerce. For the first time, they started talking about it back in 2015, when it was announced by Google.

Using this tool, you can upgrade any website into a native application that fully works with mobile devices. At the same time, launching the PWA through a personal computer browser leaves the opportunity to use the eCommerce site as usual. Due to its convenience and high efficiency, Magento PWA Storefront is supported by all well-known browsers and is popular all over the world.

What is a PWA?

As we understand it, progressive web applications (or PWA) is a web resource that meets the following quality requirements: visual appeal, reliability, and performance. High performance became possible due to the use of advanced tools and technological solutions, including HTTPS protocol, Service Worker, application shells, web application manifest, push notifications, and so on.

The unique technological approach of specialists opens up for all users of the system:

  •  the ability to install from a browser;
  •  receive notifications online;
  •  work with a resource offline without connecting to a network.

In terms of functionality, the initial start of the PWA is based on Service Worker scripts, but along with this, the caching process takes place. The View information is then loaded according to the user request or event, and then the Service Worker enters a sleep mode that continues until the next user request is made.

How to turn a website into a PWA How to turn a website into a PWA 

In order to perform the processing of your web resource in PWA, initially, the website must meet several mandatory criteria:

  •  adaptable or adaptive coding of resource pages;
  •  use of the secure HTTPS protocol (using HTTP is not suitable for secure data transmission);
  •  each page on the website must have its own URL.

If you are eager to turn your website into a PWA that runs on Magento, then in addition to the points described above, you must make sure that you have an up-to-date version of the platform on your site.

The principle of operation of progressive web applications is that after a user launches the website via a mobile device, the resource is instantly transformed into a convenient and fast application.  Thanks to this, each user has the opportunity to add a shortcut to your site, which greatly speeds up the process of accessing your resource and its functions.

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