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Moving to Greece – Tips on Real Estate in Greece

Greece is an excellent country to live in. Excellent in terms of choices, quality of life, its people, and its natural beauty. Many are foreigners – mostly Europeans – who decide to make a fresh start in the land of the sun and the source of democracy. This new beginning that they will attempt in Greece’s city definitely requires the necessary planning, the proper organization, and clearly the finding of a permanent residence.

A permanent home that can accommodate you and the rest of your family. And of course, in a new country where you decide to move, you probably will not know how to move and where to go to find a property and settle down lastingly. That is why in today’s article, we present you with some important tips that you can follow in order to find your ideal home during your installation in the magical country of Greece.

Select the appropriate area- Tips on Real Estate in Greece

The search begins with the definition of the areas that you like and serves your travels. Ask yourself if you would like to stay close to the center, the sea, or the mountain, with direct access to main boulevards or transportation. Think long and hard about your needs, as much as possible, such as whether you should consider the schools in the neighborhood to attend your children or be close to shops and services that serve you.

Moving to Greece: Property features

Unless you plan to design and build the house of your dreams from the beginning, you will have to accept that you will not find the perfect one as you imagine it. It is a good idea to set priorities in order to give the necessary weight to features such as the following:

  • Area and number of bedrooms
  • Year of construction
  • Orientation
  • Floor
  • Verandas
  • Parking spot
  • Warehouse
  • Fireplace

If you are hesitant in the case of location and property type, it is good to think about its value as an investment, if it can be used for tourism, as a business home, or student rent in case you need to move to another place.

Price and costProperty lawyers at Oikonomakis Christos Global Law Firm

Before you start looking, you need to figure out how much money you want to spend, including your legal and notarial fees, real estate fees if available, transfer tax, and transfer fees at the Mortgage Office. In particular, you should focus on finding the right legal advisor who will undertake for you the completion of all those necessary legal documents for your relocation and installation in the country, without unnecessary costs and unnecessary actions. Property lawyers at Oikonomakis Christos Global Law Firm will be there to provide you with valuable assistance in the process of buying your property.

For the purchase of the real estate, you have to justify the money with the declaration of your assets, for which we suggest you consult an accountant. In the case of the donation of money from a parent, for example, there is extra taxation. Also, if you need a mortgage, you should research your options and start the procedures to be completely ready as soon as you find the property you are interested in.

Moving to Greece: Property inspection

It is crucial to check the property titles, while you can request a floor plan, writing rights, and the apartment building regulation regarding the use of apartments or common areas by the owner.

The legal control must be done by a lawyer who will search the Mortgage Office and the Land Registry property. The lawyer will also draw up and sign the final contract for the transfer of the property.

The technical inspection is performed by a civil engineer, who will certify that the property is not arbitrary and semi-outdoor and that it meets the energy efficiency requirements set by law and will draw up a topographic diagram with a relevant statement. Also, don’t forget to do your own home inspection before you buy the asset. In case of purchasing a plot of land outside the city plan, contact the Planning Department of the area to determine the building conditions.

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