8 Minimalist Ideas for a Wedding Reception Set Up

Written By Alla Levin
March 25, 2021

Minimalist Ideas for a Wedding Reception Set Up

A wedding reception does not have to be extravagant or expensive in order to be special. The reception is all about celebrating the new bride and groom, and the celebration can be fun even when it is being put on by a minimalist. Here are 8 minimalist ideas for a wedding reception set up that will still be beautiful and fun.

Purchase One Bouquet of Flowers and Split that Up

The flowers that are used to decorate at a wedding can be pricey, and they will probably not even be noticed too much by the guests at the wedding. The one who is decorating a reception space should keep things simple as they put out flowers.

A single bouquet of flowers can be purchased, and then the flowers can be split up and put into their own individual vases. These vases holding single flowers can be spread out throughout the wedding reception space.

Decorate the Chairs at the Head Table

One minimalist way of bringing attention to the head table is to decorate the chairs, especially those holding the bride and groom. A chair sash can do a lot to make a chair look special and help people know which table will be the one the wedding party will use.

Use Matching Tablecloths on All of the Tables

Some might feel like they need to pick out several different table cloths, in a variety of colors and use those to make the reception area special. A single shade of tablecloths can work well on all of the tables, and it can help the venue have a simple and clean look. The one who is ordering tablecloths might order a number of the exact same tablecloth and use that on each table – including the head table.

Consider Using Food as DecorationsMinimalist Ideas for a Wedding

A centerpiece can add a lot to a wedding reception table, but fancy decorations do not have to be used when someone is trying to add centerpieces to the tables. Food can be beautiful, as can pitchers of water and other drinks. When displayed suitable, food and drink can be used as the centerpiece on a table, and then it can also be consumed by those who sit at the table.

Have the Wedding Reception Outdoors

The one who wants to put on a minimalist wedding reception should consider having the get-together outdoors. They can put together a simple event where people can gather outside and visit with one another without the need to rent an indoor space and set up a whole reception hall. This can help a person save money and keep things simple.

Choose to Set Up a Few Long Tables Instead of Many Small Ones

The one who wants to have a minimalist wedding reception set up should consider using just a few long tables for their guests versus several smaller ones. This can help make the decorating of the tables easier to handle, and it can simplify the seating arrangements.

Let Guests Sit Where They Want to Sit

It is a lot of work for a person to figure out where each one of their guests will sit and for that person to create a place card for each guest. Things are much simpler when a host allows guests at the reception to choose where they would like to sit and simply sit there.

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Minimalist Ideas for a Wedding: Have a Budget and Stick to It

If someone is trying to put on a minimalist wedding reception, they need to have a budget for the event and be determined to stick to that. If someone knows how much they can spend at the most on their wedding reception, they are not going to go extreme with their decorations or food. The smaller the budget, the simpler things will have to be, and a person should stay set on sticking to their budget.

A beautiful wedding reception can be simple. The one determined to have a minimalist wedding reception set up can have that and still have the reception be special for all.

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